Review: Metzeler Tourance Next 2

Review: Metzeler Tourance Next 2

Since 2013, Metzeler’s Tourance Next 90/10 tire has delighted street-oriented adventure riders. Designed primarily for on-road use, it set a real benchmark for what an adventure bike tire can do. Over the years, the competition has closed the gap, especially on the performance aspect, but a loyal customer base has kept enjoying the Tourance Next for almost a decade. Meanwhile, our motorcycles have also grown in power, so every little bit of extra grip is only good. Personally, I have rotated through plenty of Tourance Next sets. Getting to test the Tourance Next 2 on the same bike and on the same roads gave me a good point of comparison.

Better Wet Grip

Metzeler claims the Hyperbase construction and new compounds shorten the stopping distance by 4.9 feet compared to its best competitor. When looking at the old and new tread patterns, even an untrained eye can spot the similarities. Yet the new design features deeper longitudinal grooves for better water drainage and lateral stability on dirt roads. The Next 2 is 45% stiffer than its predecessor, further contributing to a stable ride.

The front tire sports an 80% silica compound that gets it up to operating temperature quickly and improves performance on wet roads. The rear tire has a dual compound. In the middle, it features the same rubber as the front while the shoulders contain 100% silica for maximum grip at high lean angles.


The checkmark-like grooves on the tires are Metzeler’s Dymatec design. Your lean angle and speed affect the wall angles of these variable grooves, providing uniform wear. In real world terms, I noticed the tire was very smooth, stable, and predictable, whether I was on a straight, casually working the throttle through some bends, or leaning the bike in hard while applying a healthy dose of throttle twist. I thoroughly enjoyed the Tourance Next 2. It’s a performance tire for my adventure bikes that spend most of their time on pavement.

Yet, this is also the only downside. When the pavement ended, I had to keep my fun in check. The tires can handle light gravel and hard-packed dirt, but forget about it when it’s wet. North Carolina clay is not kind to the unprepared.


The Tourance Next 2 is a superb road-oriented tire engineered for adventure bikes. If you rarely venture off-road, definitely give the newest Metzeler a try. Most of us mortals will never outride their capabilities, especially when using electronic rider aids. Metzeler Tourance Next 2 is a quality touring tire for street performance that will handle rough pavement and light off-road duties with confidence.