Review: LS2 Jacket & Pants

Review: LS2 Jacket & Pants

LS2, having become a leading helmet manufacturer in Asia and Europe, has introduced riding gear to its catalog. I took LS2’s latest adventure riding suit on a test ride at the KTM 890 Adventure launch in Portugal. The wintery oceanside location proved a decent testbed.

Dubbed the Norway Men’s Touring Suit, the stylish and functional two-piece is perfectly suited for adventure riding. The outer shell is made from 450D Oxford polyester fabric and has removable waterproof and breathable thermal liners. A welcome and clever aspect of the LS2 suit is the color-coded inner wrist and ankle loop fasteners and snaps for the liners. They help keep the liners from unintentionally twisting out of alignment inside the arm and leg sleeves. Anyone who has ever removed and then re-inserted liners, blindly feeling their way along, will appreciate this simple solution.

Fitted with removable Soft Slow Bounce armor at shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, the jacket and pants accommodate movement without the protection interfering with riding. The elbows have two positions for armor placement. The back protector (sold separately) has a wide spread, providing generous spine protection and the curve forms to the back. There’s heavy-duty safety stitching in high-risk areas for durability and strength.

I tested the suit in the early morning chill along Portugal’s Atlantic coast. The wind and air were dense with moisture. The LS2 suit stayed toasty and, most importantly, dry in the wetness (although we didn’t encounter any rainfall). Despite the initial feel of crowding from too many layers while suiting up (with both the thermal and waterproof liners installed), once underway the suit accommodated off-road riding surprisingly well with its flexibility and freedom of movement.

The front zippers are covered by a fold-over flap to prevent wind from seeping in. For warm and hot weather riding, there are a multitude of progressive venting options on the back, arms and legs, all easily adjustable.

The only complaint I have was the neck collar and its fastening position. Latching it closed forces the collar to press up unnaturally against the underside of the chin. The stiff material doesn’t bend easily, resulting in discomfort. Fortunately, the collar isn’t long enough to whip you even at freeway speeds if you leave it unfastened.

In the all-important realm of pockets, the LS2 Norway offers an abundance of storage—two waterproof hand pockets, a single membrane pocket on the back, one cargo pocket at the front, an inner pocket, and one dry pocket. Exterior pockets have a sensible flap-over design to help keep the elements out.

Aesthetically, the LS2 Norway Touring Suit has an all-business look, matching styling with functionality.