Review: LS2 Explorer Adventure Helmet

Review: LS2 Explorer Adventure Helmet | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel

Though only officially registered in 2007 as LS2, the Chinese helmet (and as of recent, gear) manufacturer has a long and storied history. Initially taking shape in 1990, founder Arthur Liao humbly began the business out of his 600-square-foot home.

Over the following years, the company grew into a recognizable and respected brand, serving China under the name MHR Helmets. As the company grew, it decided to enter the demanding and highly competitive global market.

Mr. Liao used an abbreviation of his Liao’s System moniker (which was his trademark) to brand the new incarnation of the company. LS2 was born.

The LS2 Explorer Adventure helmet is the company’s latest offering for the adventure market. Manufactured from a high-performance fiberglass composite material, the full-face shell meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05 standards.

The liner is removable for washing and is made from a material that wicks moisture. Laser-cut cheek pads give secure support without any unwanted, uneven pressures. As a result, the helmet is comfortable over a full day of riding.

The helmet’s face shield is Class A polycarbonate, which is optically correct, preventing distortion. The shield also incorporates a MAX insert to minimize fog build-up. Tested in cold oceanfront weather, the shield did fog up enough that I had to crack it open slightly, but without exposing my eyes to any turbulence or floating dirt or debris.

Review: LS2 Explorer Adventure Helmet | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel

The helmet has a built-in retractable sun shield, which is easily activated with an easy-to-find lever designed to be used with gloves.

The large visor is aerodynamically engineered to not grab air even at freeway speeds and provides exceptional sun protection. It also deflects dirt and rocks when trailing other bikes.

The LS2 Explorer Adventure employs a quick fasten and release strap coupling, which after proper adjustment for snugness is convenient and fast—whether fastening or unfastening. The strap provides the necessary security of proper closure (after all, your helmet is only as good as its strap). The helmet is also fitted with an emergency release cheek pad system.

Multiple vent channels run through the helmet, all adjustable to either reduce or increase airflow to suit the riding situation. Once you learn the positions of the tabs, the vents can be opened or closed while riding and wearing gloves.

At freeway speeds, the helmet is relatively quiet, providing decent muffling. In my opinion, however, ear plugs are always recommended to reduce fatigue and damage to the ears, while further reducing wind turbulence.

The front chin bar is fairly massive but does not contribute to any additional fatigue, thanks to the helmet’s light weight.

Stylish, with a modern, wedged design flow, the LS2 Explorer Adventure helmet definitely has flair. The helmet is available in sizes XS to 3XL in Camo X Gloss Red/White, Alter Matte Black/White, and solid Matte Black or Gloss White.