Review: Helite H-MOOV Backpack Airbag

Review: Helite H-MOOV Backpack Airbag

I tip my hat to Helite’s innovative H-MOOV airbag. It combines protective airbag technology with the storage functionality of a backpack.

The stylish backpack incorporates Helite’s Turtle technology. The CE-certified airbag inflates fully in less than 0.094 seconds, protecting vital areas including the back, neck, abdomen, and pelvis. A SAS-TEC level 1 back protector on the outside of the airbag provides additional protection.

The H-MOOV is available in both mechanical and electronic versions. The mechanical system connects the airbag to the motorcycle via a tether, which inflates the airbag if it disconnects. Just don’t forget to unplug the airbag from your bike before you get off the saddle.

The electronic system monitors and analyzes the rider’s speed and position in real time through a series of sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS). When traveling above 12 mph, the algorithm inflates the airbag if it detects a high-side or low-side fall, or an impact with a solid obstacle.

The electronic backpack’s battery lasts for roughly 25 hours of use. The system will automatically switch to sleep mode when it doesn’t detect movement for 45 seconds and will wake itself up once motion begins again.

The backpack portion features multiple storage compartments, is expandable from 18 to 23 liters, weighs 5.7 pounds, and is rated to hold up to 17.6 pounds. It is water-repellent with waterproof zippers, which keeps the interior dry in mild rain. You can also remove the backpack portion and ride with only the airbag.

After inflating, the reusable airbag is ready to inflate again by installing a new CO2 canister, which takes only about two minutes. The H-MOOV is built in a way that also allows riders to maintain the system themselves.

The one-size-fits-all backpack is built for adults between 5 feet, 4 inches and 6 feet, four inches tall. There are two adjustment straps and Helite advises that the backpack be pressed comfortably against the wearer’s chest for the airbag to work properly.

The retail price for the mechanical version is $799, while the electronic version is $929. The price includes the airbag backpack, one CO2 canister, a lanyard (with the mechanical version), and a four-year warranty. Accessories such as a waterproof cover, a water bladder, and a helmet bag attachment are available.