Review: Corbin Saddle for Honda Trail 125

Review: Corbin Saddle for Honda Trail 125

The Honda CT125 (aka Trail 125) is a throwback model with a fascinating history and it has been a huge hit since being re-launched in 2021. Its looks make motorcyclists go into the garage at night to talk to it and non-motorcyclists stop and smell its roses.  

While the bike can move off the shelf, the stock seat on the Trail 125 feels board-like on your bottom and lacks several square inches of real estate for body contact. That’s what the Corbin offers—a feature which you’ll often appreciate during those more precise position adjustments while piloting the machine in various conditions.

The high-density comfort cell foam retains its shape while providing good ground reach and a balanced riding position. The leather material grips your bottom securely while allowing the freedom to move around as needed without sliding.

Having racked up 300 miles on the Trail 125 with the Corbin saddle installed, I can attest to no centralized pressure on my tailbone, which is not the case for the stock offering.

Be warned, riding a Trail 125 with a Corbin saddle will make you want to ride longer distances. That often includes holding the throttle open at higher speeds for longer periods of time. In the owner’s manual, Honda recommends a different spark plug for this kind of riding.

Like the front saddle, Corbin’s large dished rear seat extends the comfort and style to your passenger of choice. The Ninja Red welt of the rear produces an aesthetically pleasing homogeneous flow from the front.

Like the front, installation of the rear seat is simple and all the necessary hardware is included to mesh with your OEM catch. There’s no need to remove the rear seat when you want to strap on certain items, thanks to the tie-down slots around the edges of the platform still being accessible.

When the grocery shopping gets intense and you don’t need the passenger seat, it takes 20 seconds to remove it.

I opted for front and rear seats with Black Carbon-Fiber leather with Asphalt sides, Ninja Red welt, black stitching, and a silver Corbin logoskin. It's an aesthetic home run that elevates this historic champion of a motorbike to hall-of-fame levels of customization.

Well done Corbin. If anyone is looking for a stock Trail 125 seat, I have one for sale.