Review: Aether Ramble 2.0

Review: Aether Ramble 2.0

Pause and consider your riding gear—specifically, your pants. They’re an oft-neglected essential for comfortable riding. You’ve likely experienced yourself how appropriate trousers can make or break a long trip.

Have Pants, Will Travel

Enter the finest pair of riding pants I’ve tried to date—Aether Ramble 2.0. The numeric designation indicates that Aether has improved their already excellent Ramble pants. A second button closure holds the waistband with a little more vigor and better distributes the outward pressure of your gut and glutes. The big update, though, is in the fabric itself. If your pants don’t get computer hardware-like updates, you’re missing out.

Like a few other top-shelf trousers, the $475 Ramble Motorcycle Pant is composed of stretchy Schoeller textile construction, and backed up by D3O armor in the knees and hips. The Schoeller fabric is resistant to abrasion, water, and wind. But because it’s stretchy, Aether can cut the pants on the trim side. The material flexes comfortably whether you’re crouched on a sportbike or walking around. The pants are unlined, comfortable on warm days, and surprisingly good in light rain. Even with armor installed, the Ramble can be mistaken for casual—if slightly sporty—apparel.

This aligns with Aether’s raison d’être. The company was founded by a pair of friends who had the same outdoor hobbies. They increasingly found themselves shoehorned into competent but gaudy technical apparel that worked great on a mountain, but looked over the top if you popped into town. But dress too casually when you hit the road and it’s all too easy to find yourself cold or uncomfortable—or worse. So, with a comparatively small and specialized moto line, Aether has created a collection of capable riding gear with an adult and minimalistic aesthetic.

Ramble 2.0 Pants
Sizes: 28-38
Colors: Onyx Black, Graphite