Product Review: Racer Gloves USA Guide Gloves

Product Review: Racer Gloves USA Guide Gloves

When I’m riding with a new group, the conversation usually turns to gear preferences at some point. Gloves are a favorite topic. While some swear by one brand, others claim that a $10 pair from the auto parts store works well enough. I usually chime in with a recommendation for Racer Gloves.

I’ve worn Racers for years and couldn’t be happier with the quality and reasonable prices. And please, don’t wear gardening gloves while riding. Dress for the occasion! There’s a flaw in thinking that a pair of $10 gloves is a wise choice when riding a motorcycle that costs thousands of dollars. Not only is this the wrong place to look for savings, but motorcycle gloves are task specific. I don’t want to chance sliding down the road wearing anything other than properly designed and tested products.

Before heading out for a ride, I usually rummage through my bin full of motorcycle gloves with plenty of brands represented. Yet I always end up with three pairs of Racer gloves to pack for the trip—the Tour FHH Waterproof gloves for when it gets wet or cold, the Mickey gloves for most mornings, and the Guide gloves, which are the subject of this review.

A Reliable Guide
The Guide gloves are classic-looking, short-cuffed gloves that I can sport on whatever bike I’m riding. Some gloves scream chrome or adventure, but the Guide is just understated elegance. I can wear them aboard American thunder or an Austrian scalpel. The perforated leather on the fingers and the back of the hand allows for enough airflow to keep your hand sweat-free. The best trick to see if the airflow is sufficient is to check whether you can easily pull the gloves on and off throughout the day. The goatskin palm is soft and doesn’t bunch up when wrapping your hands around the grips.

Safety features include thermoplastic rubber (TPR) protectors on fingers and knuckles, and the Knox SPS palm sliders. I’ve slid down the road at 60 mph before, and all the motorcycle specific safety gear I wore, including the Racer gloves, did its job so I could get back up and continue riding. All of my Racer gloves are about five years old with thousands of miles on them, without a single stitch coming undone.

Racer Guide Glove