Product Review: Magura Hymec Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit for the KTM 790 Adventure

Product Review: Magura Hymec Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit for the KTM 790 Adventure

Clutch modifications don’t generally set hearts aflutter, but eliminating clutch cable maintenance and preventing potential cable failure while lightening clutch pull and increasing smoothness makes a lot of sense. The lucky recipient of this modification was a 2019 KTM 790 Adventure.

Installation of the Magura Hymec kit falls mid-range on the difficulty scale. A bike-specific installation video by Touratech was extremely helpful in navigating through the process.

The seat, side covers, the battery cover, and the fuel tank must be removed prior to installation. The shut-off valves at the bottom of each side of the fuel tank must be closed before removal. The wires leading from the original clutch switch need to be clipped as well.

The bike is now ready for stock cable and lever removal, a simple procedure involving clipping a few zip ties and removing straps securing the cable. Note the exact routing, as it will be the path of the new hydraulic line. I also needed to install the micro switch that prevents the bike from starting with the transmission in gear. It is easier to install prior to clamping the lever assembly to the handlebar, and the switch is positioned via a screw-and-peg locating system.

The push rod that actuates the switch inserts into a hole in the lever assembly adjacent to the switch, and it must be inserted before mounting. The other end of the hydraulic line mounts into the stock bracket on the actuating arm on the right side of the motor. Spacing washers need to be installed prior to securing the end of the new line to the bracket.
The final step involves splicing the clutch switch wiring. Splicing materials were not provided in my kit. I used two small crimp-type barrel-splicing sleeves and some heat shrink tubing. Check the actuation arm movement as instructed, then reassemble the bike and test the clutch for proper operation.

Installation times will vary greatly according to your mechanical aptitude. Work slowly and meticulously to ensure a quality install. Lever pull is noticeably reduced, and operation is silky smooth. The Magura Hymec kit is a compact, high-quality product that performs as advertised.

Magura Hymec Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit