Product Review: Lone Rider ADV Tent

Product Review: Lone Rider ADV Tent

Lone Rider has recently come out with the ADV Tent, which enters a highly competitive market of single or two-person camping tents. It targets hardcore adventure riders that travel long distances on- and off-road. We had a chance to test the ADV Globetrotter Tent during the 2021 Touratech DirtDaze Rally in New Hampshire.

One of the main highlights of the tent is its compact size and light weight. At 7.4 pounds and 16.1 by 5.9 inches, the tent is easy to load inside a pannier or top case. The next big features are the simplicity and setup time. Lone Rider has a different design than traditional tents, consisting of a single frame with two double Y-shaped ends with ribs on top. Inserting the Y-poles on one side is easy and the opposite side requires only pushing the other Y-beam into the holes. Nothing pops out. No extra bending is needed. Within a minute I had attached the inner sheet to the pole structure with plastic hooks. The outer rain cover attaches within seconds. The ceiling of the tent has a small, hook-attached net, or Roof Storage, that’s useful for storing keys and sunglasses, as well as using it for an LED lamp.

Even though I am 6-feet-5-inches tall, I fit comfortably with enough space for another person. There are tent flaps on both sides, and the rain fly opens up, not diagonally to the sides as many other tents. Once open, the flaps provide a lot of ventilation and enable easy access to the tent. The space under the sides of the rain cover provides plenty of volume for items that are better left outside, such as dirty riding boots.

On the first night, the tent was quite warm, but for a summer night it was acceptable. In the morning I noticed two ventilation openings which are held up with velcro and a small rod. Once open, there was a welcome air flow and the temperatures were cooler. There was also a torrential and windy downpour during the event. I stayed 100% dry, as did my gear underneath the rain fly.

There’s an SOS sign on the ground sheet. It’s a nice gimmick, but I don’t think most helicopter pilots will see such a small sign. The few cons I experienced included the zippers, which are thin and jam easily. At $414 MSRP, the tent isn’t cheap. It comes in a dark khaki color, which is good for stealth camping, but it would’ve been nice to have options for more cheerful and bright colors.

The Lone Rider ADV Tent is great for serious ADV riders. It’s made of high quality materials and components, has an innovative and functional design, and is easy to carry and use. It has become my go-to tent for moto camping trips.

Lone Rider ADV Tent