Product Review: Joe Rocket Sonic X Boot

Product Review: Joe Rocket Sonic X Boot

First and foremost, a motorcycle boot should provide ample protection in case of an accident, and the newest Joe Rocket boot offers plenty of that. The internally reinforced ankle, toe, and heel, as well as the reinforced shin and Achilles areas, cover the essential parts. But the price-conscious Sonic X has two notable shortcomings.

While the boot is water-resistant, it is not waterproof. However, many fully waterproof boots don’t offer a lot of airflow, and some riders don’t mind getting wet feet during a hard rain. The other shortcoming is off-the-bike comfort. If you’re wearing the Sonic X mainly to ride, you’re all set. If you do a lot of walking during your outings, then this boot isn’t the best option. The boot is easy to get in and out of with the full-length zipper on the medial side.

The thick sole works well for standing on the pegs when riding off-road. Besides the attractive price point, I really dig the reflective features on all sides except the front. Many $400 boots don’t even have this much reflective trim! The rear sports a large oval reflective patch, and the sides are covered in reflective dots.

The boot is visually attractive and very safe. Considering all the Sonic X does well or even better than premium boots in combination with the cost, it makes a solid choice for most any type of rider.

Joe Rocket Sonic X Boots
Price: $112.49