Pirelli Sets Sale Date for Diablo Supercorsa V4 Tires

Pirelli Sets Sale Date for Diablo Supercorsa V4 Tires

Pirelli first announced its new Diablo Supercorsa V4 in September, leaving us waiting for news about when we can get our hands on them. Now, we know—Pirelli will launch the tires in January 2024.

It might be tempting to think of the new tires as a sequel to the Supercorsa V3 tires, but that’d be a mistake. This new devilish racing rubber is practically an entirely fresh product, with a new tread pattern, compound, structure, and profile.

The Diablo Supercorsa V4 tires will be available in two different versions. The Special Compound (SC) variant is intended for both hobbyist and professional track riders, while the Sport Production (SP) version is Pirelli’s sportiest street tire ever, the company claims.

Both tires share the same tread pattern and profiles. Their Flash pattern design has been developed to more effectively remove water from the tire surface, thus improving contact with the road.

The pattern’s direction follows the lateral forces the tire experiences during track riding, which is intended to reduce warm-up time and result in a more consistent performance. Slick sections in the middle and shoulders improve tire durability and provide more thrust and stability during cornering, respectively.

Both tires share the same racing profile, developed originally for world championship racing. On the front tire, the profile aims to improve handling by enabling fast direction changes and high stability, while the rear tire’s identical geometry seeks to ensure consistent performance.

The Diablo Supercorsa V4 tires begin to diverge in their structure and compounds. Each tire size of the SP version has a unique structure, fine-tuned for performance in that specific size. The SC tires share their structure with the Pirelli Diablo Superbike tire, with wider structural cords for more rigidity.

The SC version is available in three different compounds. SC1 is intended for high temperatures and very smooth asphalt, SC2 is for low-temperature riding or rough tracks, and SC3 is for having fun on the track during non-professional recreational racing.

The SP variant sports a dual compound on both the front and rear tires. The front tire’s full-silica base compound covers the entire profile and forms the contact patch, while the shoulder compound is the same 100% carbon black formulation as on the SC3 tire. The rear tire’s central carbon black compound is softer high-speed stability and extends all the way to the sides for maximum cornering power.

Both the SC and SP version of the Diablo Supercorse V4 tire will be available for purchase from January 2024.

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