Packing List: Moto Camping

Packing List: Moto Camping

Two old adages apply to motorcycle camping. One is attributed to the Australian Army: “Any fool can be uncomfortable.” The other comes from avid adventurer Teddy Roosevelt: “A well-planned expedition creates its own luck.”

With space at a premium, your gear’s weight and functionality become essential when preparing for moto camping. Here are some suggestions for gear that can make the difference between a memorable and miserable camping experience.

We've created this handy checklist to help your ideal escape happen as planned.

Motorcycle Camper’s Packing Checklist

Clothing (bring more or less depending on the number of days you’re traveling):

  • Base layers
  • Sleeping clothes or pajamas
  • Rain suit
  • Socks/underwear
  • Riding gear
  • Mid-layer jacket
  • Extra pairs of gloves
  • Scarf or bandana
  • Camp shoes

Camping necessities:

  • Tent or hammock and cover (a two-person tent provides a solo traveler room for riding gear and changing)
  • Sleeping bag (crushable)
  • Inflatable sleeping pad
  • Inflatable pillow
  • Lighter, waterproof matches, fire-starting pucks
  • Headlamp (frees up your hands)
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Spare batteries

Cooking utensils:

  • Camping stove (propene, butane, or canned heat)
  • Utensil set
  • Water bottle
  • Food (non-perishable)
  • Coffee or tea
  • Mess kit (optional but useful)

Moto tools:

  • Basic tool kit specific to your motorcycle
  • Tire/tube repair kit
  • Air pump

Read this article on packing a tool kit.

Additional items:

  • First aid kit
  • Towel
  • Nylon line (¼-inch) for hanging clothes/gear to dry
  • Toilet paper
  • Bug spray

Gear Highlights

That’s quite a few entries on the checking list. If you’re not quite sure what you should use to tick each of them off, here are some choice products to fulfill these basics.

Big Agnes Copper Spur Two-Person Tent

This two-person rip-stop nylon tent from Agnes is intended for backpacking, which means it’s lightweight and crushes down to a manageable size (26 x 9 x 5 inches). The awning-style vestibule adds covered living space for additional rain or sun protection.

Double zippers provide access options and prevent wind-driven rain from getting inside. Interior side pockets provide easy sorting for personal items.

Kelty Cosmic Synthetic Fill 40-Degree Sleeping Bag

This classic single-person mummy bag from Kelty is rated for temperatures as cool as 40 degrees. Available in sizes to accommodate sleepers from 5 feet, 8 inches all the way to a  6-foot-6-inch figure, the Kelty Cosmic mummy weighs only a smidgen above two pounds. The bag is tailored with a spacious footbox that allows you to comfortably wiggle your toes to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Dextreme Firestarter Pack

To ensure you can have that ideal campfire, invest in fire starter cubes. Dextreme has these natural wood cubes for quick and easy fire starting.

The waterproof cubes are intended to start campfires, charcoal, fire pits, wood stoves, and fireplaces. The lightwait cubes are especially useful in damp and windy conditions.

The all-natural materials provide 8-12 minutes of eco-friendly burn. One pack contains 48 cubes with a virtually unlimited shelf life.

Jetboil Flash Java Kit

This stove cooking system was designed for backpacking, which also makes it ideal for motorcycle camping. The Jetboil has a capacity of 0.25 gallons and brings water to boil quickly with a push-button igniter and instant heating.

A color-change indicator lets you know when water is ready. An ingenious bottom cup doubles as a measuring cup and serving/eating bowl. The system weighs just 13.1 ounces and uses gas as fuel.

UCO Utility Spork

The UCO Utility Spork is a combination eating utensil that serves as both a fork and a spoon. Made of durable, bendable, and dishwasher/microwave-safe high-strength reinforced glass nylon, the Spork utilizes a serrated edge on the fork portion that acts as a sort-of knife. Virtually unbreakable, the Spork is available in green and charcoal in a two-piece combo.

Mountain House Expedition Bucket

If only the Donner Party had had access to this clever nutritional pack. This dried beef/chicken-flavored food source is intended for backpacking, making it easily adaptable to motorcycles.

The bucket provides five day’s worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. A total of 15 pouches provide 30 servings of freeze-dried nutrition. Just add hot water to the pouch and in less than 10 minutes, you’ve got a choice between beef stroganoff, fajita bowls, fried rice, or classic spaghetti with meat sauce, as well as breakfast choices.

No artificial flavors or colors. A total of 21 cups of water prepares all meals in the 6.5-pound bucket.

Klim Teton Merino Wool 1/4 Zip Shirt

A perfect mid-layer shirt for wearing beneath riding gear, the Teton Merino is also comfortable around the campfire. Easily removed as temperatures climb, the shirt is made from a lightweight blend of merino wool and nylon.

Low-profile merrow stitching reduces snagging and provides comfort and ease when pulling the shirt on or taking it off. The Teton regulates the body microclimate whether riding in hot or cold conditions. The Klim Teton is stain, static, and odor-resistant and antimicrobial.

REV'IT! Barrier Rain Smock Jacket

Intended as a pullover off-road jacket, the REV’IT! Barrier jacket is made from CE-certified fabrics that provide essential abrasion resistance. The waterproof shell is augmented by a large neck opening to allow the jacket to be worn with a helmet on to save you time and reduce exposure when things get wet.

The Barrier jacket is tailored to fit existing body protection, such as chest and shoulder pads. HydratexLite material provides waterproofing and a reflective logo increases visibility. A drawcord allows for personal adjustment for a snug fit.

REV'IT! Core Jacket

This insulating jacket is designed to be worn beneath your riding gear, providing warmth and comfort in cool and cold riding conditions. Ripstop polyester reduces bulk and doesn’t interfere with movement. The jacket crushes down small when stowed.

Reflective points provide increased visibility. There’s a wind catcher that runs the length of the main front zipper to prevent chilly weather from getting in. Slit and inner pockets provide additional storage room for personal items.