New MachineArtMoto Accessories for Your BMW Bike

New MachineArtMoto Accessories for Your BMW Bike

BMW motorcycles are great straight out of the factory and they will take you far—but perhaps not far enough. MachineArtMoto has recently rolled out some new aftermarket accessories to enhance your BMW riding experience.

The collection of parts includes AdvanceGuard handguards to keep wind and debris off your mitts, X-Head 1250 cylinder guards to protect your engine, and the Avant RT-1250 21+ no-drill fender extension. All the components fit 2021-23 BMW R 1250 RT bikes, and the hand and cylinder guards can also go on other models.

Let’s take a closer look at what these accessories can do for your BMW.

AdvanceGuard Handguards

The AdvanceGuard handguards are a versatile solution for protecting your hands from the elements in various riding conditions. MachineArtMoto has developed a unique, patented three-component construction that allows the handguards to adapt to most kinds of weather.

The handguards consist of a Twin Spar Frame, an Insert, and a Sliding Shield.

The Twin Spar Frame is a nylon-composite frame with an open center that allows a cooling airflow to blow through during warm weather. Installing the frames onto your grips is easy with the included model-specific mounting kit, with the outer end connecting to the bar end with a fastener and the inner end mounting onto the handlebar.

You can fill the frame’s center window with the Insert component, which snaps neatly into place to block airflow. The inserts are available in a variety of colors (black, granite, white, yellow, orange, and blue), allowing them to blend into your motorcycle’s colorway.

Last but certainly not least, the Sliding Shield connects to the frame and insert. The rider can adjust its coverage area without tools by sliding the shield’s face up or down. In the low position, the shield provides 100mm of coverage, while extending it increases the protection area to 142mm.

Mounting kit options for the AdvanceGuards cover specific Aprilia, BMW, Energica, Honda, KTM, Triumph, and Yamaha models, with support for Ducati slated for the near future. The AdvanceGuard handguards retail for $229-$239, depending on the mounting kit.

X-Head 1250 Cylinder Guards

Crash bars protect your motorcycle from falls and tip-overs, but some riders simply don’t like the look. MachineArtMoto’s X-Head 1250 cylinder guards reduce drop-induced damage without intruding on your bike’s appearance.

The cylinder guards are manufactured from a tough, impact- and break-resistant nylon compound. Resistant against UV light and high temperatures, the material won’t become brittle when exposed to the elements.

Inside the cylinder guard shell, you’ll find a thick thermoplastic rubber liner. It protects the shell from engine heat while also soaking up impact forces to direct them away from the cylinder head.

The X-Head 1250 slots over the cylinder head, covering 75% of the exposed surface to protect the bottom, center, and upper-center parts. They fasten securely in place with three M5 T25 Torx screws provided in the installation package.

If you do have crash bars, though, you can still install the X-Head 1250 cylinder covers to double down on engine protection. Thanks to their slim profile, the cylinder guards have been verified to fit under specific crash bars from AltRider, BMW, SW Motech, Touratech, and Wunderlich.

MachineArtMoto offers X-Head 1250 covers that fit BMW R 1250 GA/A, RT, RS, and R motorcycles. A full guard set retails for $229.

Avant RT-1250 21+ Fender Extension

For the 2021 model year, BMW introduced a redesigned front fender for the R 1250 RT touring motorcycle. The MachineMotoArt Avant RT-1250 21+ fender extension is purpose-built to fit this new fender shape.

The extension piece—injection molded in high-strength polypropylene—slots over the existing stock fender, adding six inches of additional length on its engine side. That may not sound like much, but those extra inches go a long way to keep water, mud, rocks, and other splashing and flying debris off the bike’s engine surfaces.

Not only does the extension prevent potential damage and dirt buildup, but it also maintains the stylish appearance of the R 1250 RT’s engine. Speaking of looks, the Avant RT-1250 21+ is designed to mesh seamlessly with the motorcycle’s style, so no one will even notice it’s there.

The fender extender fastens into place with two stainless steel clamps and T25 Torx screws. There’s no need to drill holes in the stock fender, which makes installation quick and straightforward while also protecting your bike’s resale value.

The Avant RT-1250 21+ fender extension fits 2021-23 R 1250 RT motorcycles. It retails for $79, including the mounting clamps and screws.