Review: Nelson-Rigg Hurricane Dry Saddlebag

Review: Nelson-Rigg Hurricane Dry Saddlebag

I overpack. I travel a lot as a photographer and video producer, and I’ve forgotten hard drives and cables enough times that I now compensate by packing everything. When traveling in my car, it isn’t an issue—it’s just another suitcase. A motorcycle is different, though.

Even on a bigger bike, like my Suzuki V-Storm 1000, there is only so much room. The stock hard cases aren’t great. The shape is weird—they’re small and open like a suitcase, so everything spills out. I’ve always wanted something bigger, with a better design. During my search, Nelson-Rigg tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Check these out.”

The Hurricane Dry saddlebags are this overpacker’s dream with 27.5 liters of waterproof storage per bag, a strap system that allows attaching even more bags and accessories, and an inner bag that makes loading and unloading ridiculously easy. I can pack a week’s worth of clothes on one side and camera equipment on the other, and unpack in a hotel room in seconds. Compression straps snug everything down, whether you stuff the bag or put just a couple of things in it. It all stays safe and secure.

Each bag also includes a water bottle holder on the back, which is worth the price of admission in my books. Riding in the Southern summer can be a grind and staying hydrated can be a matter of life and, maybe not death, but certainly a bad day. Having an insulated thermos within easy reach is a genius move and I have put it to good use.

Installation is pretty easy. Depending on your motorcycle, you may need racks (I did), but once those are installed, it’s just a matter of adjusting straps and tightening buckles. You can remove the bags, but I unload them each night and leave them on the bike. Removable internal stiffeners allow the bags to keep their shape when empty. With those out, you can collapse the bags down quite a bit.

I also use the Hurricane Adventure tank bag because, you know, the overpacking problem. It’s an eight-liter waterproof bag that attaches to your tank with straps and four buckles. It’s simple to fold out of the way to gas up, but I feel like I need to tighten the straps more than I want. It certainly isn’t a deal breaker, because the bag is big enough to hold a camera, sunscreen, a phone, and a ball cap—plus there’s a clear pocket on top for a map.

With the Riggs Straps Kit, you can attach any number of other bags and tool rolls to every square inch of your ride. Crash bar bags, tail bags, backpacks, duffle bags—the list feels endless. I have a top box I desperately want to replace with a Nelson Duffle Bag.

Nelson-Rigg Hurricane Dry Saddlebag

Nelson-Rigg Hurricane Adventure Tank Bag