MoonWall: Shade and Privacy in the Wild

MoonWall: Shade and Privacy in the Wild

Moon Fabrications has recently introduced the MoonWall, a product designed to provide shade, protection, and privacy in outdoor spaces. The MoonWall is compatible with Moon's core product, the MoonShade portable vehicle awning, and is available in short and long sizes, depending on the type of vehicle.

The MoonWall is a practical and versatile solution that makes spending time outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable. It offers privacy for activities such as cooking, napping, and changing.

It also shields you from from the sun, creating a cooler environment. Additionally, the MoonWall acts as a windbreak and provides protection from light rain.

The short version of the MoonWall is intended for use with SUVs, Jeeps, small travel trailers, and other setups where the MoonShade's canopy is parallel to the ground. The long version is best suited for vans, trucks with full-length racks, full-size SUVs, and mid-size and large travel trailers or RVs.

The MoonWall is made of high-quality materials and comes with adjustable grommets, reinforced corners, and guyline cordage through webbing loops. The short version of the MoonWall weighs 31 ounces and measures 78 inches by 78 inches, whereas the long version weighs 33 ounces and measures 100 inches by 78 inches.

We mounted the MoonShade to RoadRUNNER’s RAM 1500. We had one magnetic mounting point on the roof and installed an upright post to the tiedown rail for the back mounting point.

This setup provided wonderful shade. The additional MoonWall allowed us to hide from the elements even more. The covering kept the low sun and wind out, and we could enjoy extra privacy.

The MoonWall Short is available for $75 and the MoonWall Long retails for $95.

Moon Fabrications was founded in 2018 by Matthew Pearson and Henry Proegler with a mission to make outdoor experiences more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. The company creates simple, elegant, and versatile designs to simplify outdoor gear and create more space for genuine experiences and connections with nature. For more information, visit