Metzeler Releases Roadtec 02 Sport-Touring Tire

Metzeler Releases Roadtec 02 Sport-Touring Tire

German motorcycle tire manufacturer Metzeler’s Roadtec 01 was already a nice, grippy tire on both dry and wet pavement. Now, the company is looking to up its game with the release of the Roadtec 02 “super sport-touring” tires.

The Roadtec 02 has gone through final development and testing and hit the market in January. These tires promise notably improved handling and wet road performance compared to their predecessors.

Aimed at large-displacement motorcycles—from touring barges to naked bikes—the tire’s new compounds warm up faster than those of the Roadtec 01 to improve safety during the first riding mile. Those same compounds should also boost traction in slippery conditions.

Metzeler has used what it calls an adaptive tread pattern on the Roadtec 02, with certain grooves on the tire joining together at higher speeds. This configuration is supposed to alter the tire behavior based on your riding style, helping both super sport and sport-touring riders stay glued to the road. The tire pattern is the same on the front and rear tires.

Speaking of the rear tires, they sport a full-silica dual-compound structure. They’ve been designed to be stable at straight speed while providing high traction during leaning, even on wet surfaces.

Overall, the Roadtec 02 aims to make handling a big motorcycle easier and less exhausting. The tire seeks to improve line-holding ability during leaning and reducing the straightening effect while cornering.

The Roadtec 02 tires aren’t just about performance, though. Metzeler has also sought to make them more environmentally friendly by using a high amount of natural materials, derived from recycled or biomass sources, such as plants and vegetables.

With this approach, the company has cut back on the percentage of petroleum and other fossil fuel-derived materials. Combine the tires with an electric motorcycle, perhaps a Zero, and environmentally-minded riders ought to be happy.

The Metzeler Roadtec 02 tire is available in 17- and 19-inch front and 17-inch rear sizes.