Product Review: MadStad Magnum Adjustable Windshield

Product Review: MadStad Magnum Adjustable Windshield

On a summer tour through the Appalachians on my 2010 Victory Cross Country, a brief rainstorm virtually obscured my vision through the bike’s stock 17-inch touring windshield, requiring a roadside stop. I immediately started looking for an updated windshield. I wanted a windshield that offered adjustability and excellent wind protection, with a view over the top edge for daily riding.

Founded in 2006, MadStad Engineering of Brooksville, FL, makes mechanically adjustable windshield systems for all types of motorcycles. The company has designed an adjustable mounting system, separate from the windshield, to allow air to flow under the shield and eliminate turbulence behind it. You can tweak both height and angle, allowing the rider to choose the best position in a variety of riding conditions.

I was surprised to discover that their shop was located less than 150 miles from my home. Rather than buying sight-unseen, I arranged a visit. Calling the company, I indicated that I was interested in their Magnum model, which looked like a shortened version of the Victory stock shield.

When I arrived, Blair Hall—a tech at the company—had already set aside an 11-inch version of the shield and mounting system for me. While he finished work on an adventure bike windshield, owner and engineer-inventor Mark Stadnyk gave me a tour. In high school, his friends gave him the nickname “Madstad,” which became the name of his company.

Installation and Performance

Installing the windshield was as simple as removing the four Allen-head screws fixing the existing windshield to the fairing, then using them to attach the adjusting bracket. Four additional screws included in the kit mount the windshield to the bracket. You can adjust the windshield vertically by approximately three inches, and in angle from near vertical to about 45 degrees rearward tilt. The bracket positions the windshield both forward and upward from the fairing, so you must make allowance in windshield height to compensate. For example, if you used a 13-inch-tall windshield previously, you’d probably get a similar overall height from an 11-inch windshield.

The adjustment-locking system is straightforward, but took a little fiddling before I got the hang of it. You have to loosen the thumb screws enough to slide an inset threaded locking clamp out of the adjustment track before the windshield will move freely.

On my first test ride, I noticed a significant improvement in wind noise and turbulence, even in the windshield’s lowest position. Later, riding home with the 11-inch shield raised into “touring position,” it fully deflected the wind. Wind noise was quiet enough to clearly hear the bike’s audio system at 70-plus mph speeds—as quiet as the stock 17-inch touring windshield.

With increased functionality for height and angle, this is a worthwhile solution for motorcycles without motorized windshields. MadStad also produces other motorcycle accessories, including kickstand shoes, tail racks, skid plates, and more.

MadStad Engineering Victory Cross Country Magnum Windshield
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