Giant Loop Expands Cactus Canteens Up to 5 Gallons

Giant Loop Expands Cactus Canteens Up to 5 Gallons

A parched cowboy rides up to a towering cactus, taps the plant, and quenches his thirst with the water within. Giant Loop helps you recreate this famous scene—only, your horse is metal and the cactus rides with you.

The Giant Loop Cactus Canteens have become a popular way for motorcyclists and outdoors enthusiasts alike to take their drinking water along. In addition to the previously available one- and two-gallon options, the manufacturer has now introduced larger three- and five-gallon canteens as well.

Granted, the new bigger models might be even a smidgen too large to load on smaller motorcycles. But hey—if you want to bring a lot of water aboard your giant touring machine, the option is now out there.

Apart from the expanded volume, not much else has changed with the bigger Cactus Canteens. They’re just as durable and convenient as their smaller brethren.

The entire Cactus Canteen lineup features a double-layered design. Inside a durable, tear-resistant TPU-laminated 840D nylon shell lives a food-grade, BPA-free bladder for storing water.

As a new feature on the larger canteens, the outer shell has heavy-duty webbing handles to make lifting, pouring, and filling easier. Reflective webbing straps running down the sides boost visibility in the dark and make it easy to attach smaller bags to the filled canteen.

The water carriers don’t weigh much. With their empty weights ranging from 9.3 ounces (one-gallon model) to 1.3 pounds (five-gallon model), you won’t overload your bike as long as it can handle the water weight.

When not in use, you can roll the Cactus Canteens up to conveniently store them without wasting space. Even the five-gallon version has a rolled circumference of only 15 inches, a mere two inches more than the smallest option.

When full, the canteens’ sizes range from the one-gallon bag’s 11.5-inch length and 17-inch girth to the five-gallon’s 24-inch length and 28-inch girth. There’s a Cactus Canteen for any bike size.

The dispensing hose tucks away into a zippered pouch when not in use and has a simple on/off valve for letting the water flow. Cactus Canteens feature a universal hose connector, so you can quickly swap the drinking hose out for, say, a shower head.

To make filling straightforward, the canteens sport a wide-mouth cap. As a nice touch, it accommodates the most popular water filters to keep impurities out. You can hang the canteens from a sturdy adjustable strap and aluminum hook for filling and dispensing.

Giant Loop’s three- and five-gallon Cactus Canteens are currently available for preorder and should join their smaller siblings in regular distribution later in the year. As a preorder bonus, Giant Loop will throw in a shower head for free so you can wash off the dust of the road wherever you are.

The Giant Loop Cactus Canteens retail for $99-$159.