5 Compact Air Pumps and Tire Inflators for Your Saddlebags

5 Compact Air Pumps and Tire Inflators for Your Saddlebags

Perhaps the most essential onboard tool on your bike is a compact air pump and/or tire inflator. Whether you’re keeping your precious tires at optimum pressure or refilling after a patch job, there’s nothing that makes you feel more vulnerable than not having access to air.

In case you don’t already have a portable pump in your saddlebags, it’s high time you got one. Here are five lightweight air pumps and inflators that let you ride with confidence.

Nulksen Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor

This rechargeable 12-volt compressor from Nulksen is rated to 150 PSI. The unit, when fully charged, provides 34 liters of air per minute and can inflate an automobile tire from 0 to 36 PSI three times on a single charge.

In battery operation mode, it provides up to 30 minutes of use time. The power bank can also double as a phone recharger.

The pump has an easy-to-read backlit LED pressure gauge that allows you to accurately inflate your tires even in the dark. With the Safe Auto Off feature, you can set the desired pressure without worrying about overinflating.

The inflator comes with a carrying bag that has compartments for the included air tube and other accessories. It’s a good emergency device to carry with you or have in the garage.

Double Tough Mini Tire Inflator

The Double Tough Mini Tire Inflator is intended to complement your tire patch kit. It is a lightweight compressed air system to get your patched tire back up to pressure.

Compact enough to keep on board with you, the inflator has an airfow control knob for controlling the rate of compressed air released from the provided canisters. The cartridge canisters have insulated sleeve protectors to guard bare fingers and hands against their inherently cold surfaces.

Adaptors allow threading the inflator to both Presta and Schrader valves. The device comes with two threaded, compressed 16g CO2 cartridge canisters (although it will work with 12g or 16g canisters).

This compact, lightweight emergency tire inflator is easily stowed on your motorcycle for peace of mind.

Antigravity Batteries Tire Inflator

Antigravity Batteries is best known for its aftermarket batteries. That’s not all the company makes, though—it also has this emergency inflation system.

This Micro-Start air pump is compact and easily stows away in saddlebags or a rear bag to provide air when you hit a flat. Measuring just 4.25 inches at it’s largest and weighing only 16 ounces, the 12-volt DC-powered inflator is easy to add to your carry-along items when riding.

The Antigravity unit has a built-in pressure gauge and an integrated LED light so that you can see what you’re doing in the dark. In the box, you’ll find the unit itself, a 12-inch SAE-to-DC 5.5mm cable, and a 9-foot cable for cigarette lighter port access.

The kit includes tips for sport balls and small inflatables.

Slime Pro Power Tire Inflator

Slime Tire Sealant earned its name from its patented green goo that works as a puncture cure and preventative. It stands to reason that a company known for sealing holes in tires would also offer a tire inflator.

The Slime Pro Power is a heavy-duty 12-volt compressor that defies its small size. Intended as an automotive emergency device, it requires a cigarette lighter-type connector.

Once powered up, it produces enough pressure to fill a standard automobile tire from flat in three minutes. With the 26-foot-long power cord and the 16-foor twist-connect coil air hosem you won’t have to worry about reach.

Featuring an LED light to aid working in the dark and an in-line pressure gauge (0-150 PSI), the Slime unit is compact for a heavy-duty inflator. Comes in a canvas bag with a range of adapters, allowing you to use the inflator for rafts, balls, and other inflatables as well.

Fanttik X8 Apex Tire Inflator

Small, light, and portable, this 12-volt air compressor from Fanttik is rated for 150 PSI. It claims to be the fastest 12-volt rechargeable battery pump on the market, with an inflation time of 56 seconds for a standard automobile tire.

Now, that’s an obvious exaggeration, but this pump adds roughly 6 PSI per minute to your tires—not bad at all.

It can inflate to within +/-1 PSI of the pre-set pressure to avoid constant measuring, utilizing an automatic shut-off to avoid overinflating. The battery life of the X8 Apex is up to 40 minutes on a full charge.

The unit has a proprietary cooling function to keep the motor running reliably. A dual LCD screen helps you to monitor the operation.

The high pressure air hose is 18-feet in length and has an anti-scalding surface. The X8 Apex can also be used as a power bank (5V/3A USB-C input and 5V/2A USB-A output) as well as a flashlight. It’s great for emergency situations in remote areas.

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