Cardo Updates Communicators to Connect with Sena Devices

Cardo Updates Communicators to Connect with Sena Devices

Cardo and Sena are both popular comm system brands among riders, but getting the devices to play nice with each other has been difficult to impossible. Now, a new Cardo update is set to make cross-brand communication smoother than ever.

The update allows Cardo communicators to connect to units from other brands as if they were Cardo units. Dubbed Live Connection, the system establishes a Bluetooth link between Cardo and Sena communicators that reconnects automatically if the connection drops.

In the Live Connection system, two communicators—one from Cardo and one from Sena—act as bridging units between the brands. Other possible communicators in the riding group connect to these two units, depending on their brand, to enable group communications.

For the system to work, the bridging devices must stay within 100 yards of each other. The proximity requirement does somewhat limit riding arrangements, but it can be a small price to pay for being able to seamlessly communicate with devices from two brands.

The Live Connection feature can be installed by simply updating the Cardo Connect app to the latest software version. For the time being, Live Connection is available only on Cardo second-generation DMC-compatible devices, namely Packtalk Edge and Neo.