Buyers Guide: 10 Best Riding Shoes for the Casual Motorcyclist

Buyers Guide: 10 Best Riding Shoes for the Casual Motorcyclist

Using your motorcycle as daily transportation for school, work, or running errands, motorcycle-specific traditional riding boots can be cumbersome. Thankfully, Many gear companies offer casual shoes that provide efficient protection while riding and comfort when walking.

Here are 10 casual boots that were developed specifically for today’s urban riders.

Klim Blak Jak Boot

Klim, one of the industry’s top gear companies, offers these stylish full-ankle riding boots that are functional on the bike while remaining discreet in social situations. The full leather construction provides a long service life and a fashionable sheen with age.

The toe and heel are reinforced to protect against impacts and 3mm XRD impact-absorbing inserts on the tongue and ankles provide additional protection when you’re up on two wheels. Perforations on the uppers keep your feet more comfortable by allowing the boot to breathe.

Additional padding on the left boot top resists wear from the shift lever. The heavy-duty metal eyelets look cool and add to the boot’s ruggedness.

The Blak Jak also has a moisture-wicking antimicrobial liner. With a heel pull loop, the boots are easy to pull on when you’re in a hurry to hit the road.

TCX Blend 2 WP Boots

As the name of the TCX Blend 2 WP boots implies, they blend style with protection. This full-ankle boot is made specifically for seamlessly transitioning between the bike and the sidewalk or office.

The full-grain leather has an attractive vintage appearance and it is waterproof, thanks to a T-Dry membrane. The ankles and heels are reinforced to ensure optimum protection while remaining comfortable during walking.

Fully breathable, the Blend 2 uses Ortholite footbeds with long-life cushioning for comfort. The boots fasten with traditional laces that run through metal eyelets.

Reflective inserts at the rear provide enhanced visibility to other motorists. Available in black or brown.

Reax Fulton Air Riding Shoes

For something a little lighter than a full boot but with more heft than a traditional shoe, Reax Fulton Air is a great choice. Designed to be light and comfortable while providing basic protection, these over-ankle shoes are crafted from natural nubuck leather in a triple stitch construction for strength and long life.

The non-impact zones are perforated for increased airflow and a moisture-wicking liner helps keep your feet comfortable. Thanks to the padded ankle collar and flex panels that allow full natural movement, you can walk comfortably.

The shoes have protective ankle cups and a reinforced heel and toe. Their laces are kept safely tucked beneath gussets in the tongue, while a dual-compound sole and a high grip tread provide traction on both pegs and sidewalks.

There are reflective elements on the back of the shoe to increase visibility. As a nice convenience, the insole is replaceable.

The shoes matte-finished lace eyelets blend tastefully with the Black/Gum, Black/Hi-Viz Yellow, and Tan/Black color options.

Alpinestars J-6 WP shoes

Industry innovator Alpinestars’ lightweight J-6 WP shoes are fit for casual riding and walking around town wear. Their ankle and heel protector are carryovers from many years of manufacturing motocross boots.

The J-6 WP shoes are made from leather and suede, and utilize a breathable waterproof membrane that provides comfort while protecting you from wet conditions. A casual design, the shoes transition between the bike and sidewalk effortlessly.

The tongue and top collar are made of leather and have additional padding. On the bottom, the rubber compound sole is molded into the upper for a lighter weight and enhanced durability.

A reinforced midsole is built in between the upper and the bottom sole for strength. The EVA and Lycra footbed is replaceable.

Metal eyelets add style and functionality, while metal logos round out the shoe with exclusive branding of the Alpinestars name.

Dainese York Air Shoes

Gear manufacturer Dainese is no stranger to style, bringing its Italian heritage to bear on these York Air shoes. Lightweight and emboldened with street-hip appearance, these shoes draw attention without being pretentious.

Intended for the urban rider who wants to be able to get regularly off the bike, the York Air shoes have rigid inserts along the ankle to provide support. They sport a stiff sole for riding confidence, with just enough give to make walking comfortable.

The left shoe has a convenient shift guard to prevent premature aging and wear. The mesh material on the uppers allows for ventilation and breathability in hot weather.

With a safety certification, the Dainese York Air shoes provide guaranteed basic protection for the urban rider. The handsome color options include Dark Carbon/Anthracite and Phantom/Red.

Icon Tarmac WP Shoes

Icon is synonymous with the urban riding scene and tailors a lot of itsgear toward that end. These Tarmac WP Boots are for the rider who needs support and protection when on the bike, but then appreciates style and fashion when sitting in a cafe.

The Tarmac Boots are waterproof  and have TECTUFF uppers containing athletic footbeds mated to low-profile outsoles. What all that means is that they work equally well on the bike or in full walking stride.

A breathable eVent membrane keeps your feet dry and comfortable. The tough exterior is augmented with D30 ankle inserts for additional protection.

The shoes feature Level 3 waterproofing, and their soles have a clever arch that interfaces naturally with footpegs.

Oxford Shoe Protector

To think how many of our work boots and hiking boots could have been spared over the years from premature wear with this simple device. The Oxford shoe protector is a clever strap-on accessory that protects shoes from the rigorous demands of shifting.

Designed to fit over any size shoe or boot, the protector safeguards the shoe’s toe from the scuffs and tears and wear of shifting. The universal-fit elastic band is secured with a hook and loop to prevent it from sliding or coming off.

Made of durable materials, the protector can easily be pulled free and pocketed so as not to intrude on your office appearance. Comes in basic black so as to be as invisible as possible.

Stylmartin Iron Riding Shoes

Stylmartin Iron are classic high-top-style riding shoes with distinctive design cues for a bold and dynamic presence. These striking CE-certified shoes feature glossy full grain “Graffiti” leather uppers with a distressed glazed finish on the anti-slip rubber soles for that well-worn urban look and feel.

The Iron Riding Shoes have a waterproof liner to keep your feet dry regardless of the weather while also being extremely breathable for rider comfort (whether on the bike or off). Protective ankle inserts provide basic protection without interfering with walking comfort.

The black Stylmartin Iron Riding Shoes are accented with red laces, augmenting their unique fashion statement (a black set of laces is included in case the is are too loud for you). These shoes will blend perfectly with your Ducati.

REV’IT! Jefferson Shoes

REV’IT! Jefferson sounds like an animated superhero. But these casual low-ankle riding shoes are a hero of another kind.

Made from a combination of nubuck leather (70%), synthetic leather (21%), and washed canvas (9%), the Jefferson shoes offer urban styling with functionality. Intended to provide basic support and protection while on the bike and comfort and wearability off, the shoes feature thermoformed reinforced ankles and cup protectors at the heel and a reinforced toe to support your foot and provide protection.

The fit is comparable to the comfort of a regular shoe and the lightly perforated outer shell offers ventilation. The left shoe has a leather shift pad to protect against the abuse of a shifter, while the tongue (gusseted to hold laces firmly) is padded and the side panels are reinforced for additional protection.

Fully CE-certified, the Jefferson has a reflective heel for increased visibility.

Spidi XPD X-Village Boots

A sturdy, all-business tall ankle boot that speaks to outdoorsmanship, the Spidi XPD X-Village boot is the real deal. A solid all-around piece of footwear, the XPD X-Village is a basic protection riding boot, as well as a walker and even a hiker.

Made from oiled, water-repellent cowhide, the boots have a molded cut sole that provides just enough flex to allow for comfortable walking, while being firm enough as a riding boot when on the pegs. The toe is reinforced and the heel has cups for protecting your precious feet.

The light-colored sole adds a touch of style. This is a zippered boot with velcro fastener, which means once you have the laces firmly done up, you can easily pull it on or off with quick zipper fastening.

A fashion statement that fits the urban-style, combined with industry-leading manufacturing, the X-Village Boots are available in black or brown.

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