Best Rain Gear for Motorcyclists

Best Rain Gear for Motorcyclists in 2022

When you ride a motorcycle, you’re exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, from hot dry air to cold wet rain. We don’t always have a choice when it comes to riding in the weather, and if you’re on a trip you can’t always predict which days you should or shouldn’t ride. Enter rain gear, and the ability to stay dry – at least a little bit. Some riders opt for gear that is inherently waterproof, with mesh panel vents for when the weather turns hot. Some enjoy the comfort of mesh or non-waterproof gear and opt for additional rain layers when the skies turn dark. There really is no right or wrong way to go about choosing the kind of gear you use, it comes down to what you like best. We’ve done it a number of ways and the decision usually comes down to where we are riding, for how long, where, and when…

This list includes a few of our favorite pieces of rain gear, and options for every rider and budget. To shop these products, just click on the link or photo!

Best Rain Gear for Motorcyclists in 2022

Nelson Rigg Storm Rider

The Nelson Rigg Storm Rider is a two-piece, 100% waterproof rain suit made of soft polyester and PVC backing. The jacket has a full length zipper with a self fastening storm flap. Two large pockets allow you to store things quickly and keep them dry. The collar is a soft corduroy material and there is a hood for when you take your helmet off. The elastic waist and adjustable cuff ensures water stays out. Reflective striping on the jacket and pants enhance nighttime visibility to others when you absolutely have to ride at night in the rain. This suit comes with a 2 year warranty. $79.95

Revit ACID H2O

These pants are a simple, lightweight option for rain pants. There is a jacket that goes along with these pants if you want the complete set. They are made of polyester and a PU coating tape over the seams. These are a loose fit rain pant that easily slides over your riding gear. They come with a small carry bag for easy transportation. $55

Best Rain Gear for Motorcyclists in 2022

Olympia New Horizon

The New Horizon jacket is made from a rip stop nylon and has a back mesh panel to aid with breathability. There is a hideaway hood, and adjustable waist straps and cuffs to make sure fit is perfect. Two exterior pockets ensure your items don’t get wet, and a soft microfiber fabric collar lining keeps your neck from becoming irritated with rough material. Reflective piping makes sure you are seen in adverse riding conditions. $67

Bilt Tornado

We actually have 3 1-piece suits on this list, because we think they are incredibly practical when you set out for a ride in the rain. The Bilt Tornado is made from a 70 denier durable outer shell material and has elastic cuffs and velcro fasteners on the leg. It’s hard to beat this suit for the price… $55

Best Rain Gear for Motorcyclists in 2022

Bilt Tornado boot covers

If you ride without waterproof boots, or you are caught in a torrential downpour, you’ll be glad you have boot covers. While they look a little goofy in the photo above, they are absolutely useful when the rain starts to fall and you still have miles to go. They zip up the side and include an elastic upper cuff to help keep rain out. You’ll want to layer your rain pants over these boot covers though! An elastic band snugs them up so they don’t flap around too bad. Just be careful when putting your foot down as they can be a bit slippery on asphalt. $24

Klim Forecast

Of all the rain gear on this list, the Klim Forecast is our favorite option. This jacket (and the associated pants) are extremely durable, and can double as an extra layer around camp too. This suit uses Gore-Tex Paclite two loyer laminate technology to keep precipitation out while still allowing you to breath in the heat. The jacket (and pants) stow into their own stuff sack pocket so they are easy to store on the bike. The suit includes YKK zippers, adjustable velcro wrist cuffs, and 3M Scotchlite reflective material. It’s pricey for rain gear, but this suit will last for years through many miles of abuse. $249

Best Rain Gear for Motorcyclists in 2022

FLY glove covers

Ok, these are pretty goofy looking, but hear us out… These glove covers pack incredibly small, so you can keep them in your tank bag all the time, just in case. This wind and rainproof barrier means your hands and gloves will stay dry and warm when conditions turn for the worst. They have a silicon grip area to help hold the handlebars in rainy conditions and a cinch cord to seal over the arm of your jacket. $32.95

Spidi Touring Rain Suit

We love a 1-piece rain suit. While they can sometimes be a chore to get on and off, they do eliminate one access point for water – and that’s around the waist. A down side to a 1-piece suit is that it’s an all-or-nothing deal. You can’t simply throw the pants on when there is a little bit of road spray, or just the jacket if you get a little chilly. The Spidi is made from polyurethane nylon fabric and has an adjustable waist strap and elastic cuffs. $139

Best Rain Gear for Motorcyclists in 2022

Frogg Toggs

Of everything on this list, this is probably our last pick for rain gear. However, it is the most readily available. You can pick up a pair of Frogg Toggs at any Walmart when you’re in a pinch for a little extra warmth or you have to get somewhere relatively dry. The down side to this rain suit is that it doesn’t hold up for a long time and flaps terribly in the wind. The waterproof lining in the seams tends to be the first thing to go, and you’ll know when it happens because your seat will slowly start to feel damp. But if it’s all you can get… It will do. The Highway version of this suit includes reflective piping for low visibility situations and has an adjustable waistband and hideaway hood. $89.99

Best Rain Gear for Motorcyclists in 2022

BMW ProRain Jumpsuit

Another 1-piece rain suit option, the BMW ProRain has heat resistant material on the inside of the legs and slip resistant material in the seat. The collar features an integrated balaclava to keep rain from coming in through the neck. $179