9 Auxiliary Lighting Systems for Motorcycles to Light Your Path

9 Auxiliary Lighting Systems for Motorcycles to Light Your Path

Proper lighting is vitally important for us motorcyclists. To stay safe, we need to both see and be seen..

To best identify threats in the night, whether that be irregular road surfaces, objects, animals, cars, or peopleyour bike need the best throw and reach of illumination. But that’s not enough—you must also ensure other drivers, riders, and pedestrians can see you. We can use all the help we can get to make our rides as safe as possible.

Here are nine solutions that help you and your bike safely shine bright in the night.

Denali CANsmart Plug-N-Play 2.0 TriOptic LED Lighting Kit For BMW & KTM

This complete lighting package includes LED driving lights with bike-specific black powder-coated mounts and a Denali CANsmart Controller that taps into OEM switches (without modifications) in order to control the Denali 2.0 series TriOptic LED lamps. The premium LED units are designed for motorcycles with beam patterns exclusive to riders’ needs.

In addition to being crafted for integration into your handlebar switches, the system is set up to accept an additional set of lights, horn, and brake lights to give you the best visibility in all scenarios.

Pre-configured from the factory, the system has four dedicated circuits and is installation-ready out of the box, with literally dozens of settings available for personal preference. Two individual light circuits allow you to adjust high and low beams separately and there’s a horn-activated strobe. Add Denali’s SoundBomb horn for additional awareness.

Custom Dynamics LED All-In-One Curved Radius License Plate Frame

This Custom Dynamics license plate frame makes use of existing space by replacing a static frame with a powerful set of embedded LED lights. The frame utilizes four full sets of individual LED lights with a strip of six white LEDs for the license plate, strips of 20 amber LEDs each for turn signals on either side, and a full 45 bright red LEDs for existing running and brake light augmentation.

Designed to fit standard U.S. motorcycle license plates, the Custom Dynamics license plate frame is 7¼ inches wide and 4¼ inches tall, featuring a 12-degree curve. All necessary mounting hardware is included to help make this additional safety modification.

Ciro Bag Blades Lights For Harley Touring

Created specifically for Harley-Davidson touring machines, this illumination augmentation for your bike’s rear makes you and your machine a great deal more visible to others, without disrupting the design flow. Cleverly designed to mount easily just under the seams of the saddlebags, they create a clean appearance while greatly increasing rear end visibility.

With red coloring for the augmented brake light and amber for turn signals, the Ciro’s controller adds functionality to looks and illumination. The LED units are bright enough to be seen in daylight as well as at night. The simple and smart plug-and-play design allows installation without the hassle of drilling.

Motogadget m-Blaze Disc Bar End LED Turn Signal

It’s usually safe to say motorcyclists love gadgets. Aptly named Motogadget’s m-Blaze bar-end turn signals turn bar end plugs into LED turn signalswith a transparent plastic disc.

The internal lights of the units are cancelable, becoming merely a handlebar detail. Switched on, they illuminate brightly for exceptional visibility.

With a diameter of only 1.4 inches (35mm), the m-Blaze bar end lights add just 0.8 inches to either side of the handlebar. Crafted with an aluminum housing, the m-Blaze lights fit most ⅞-inch and 1-inch handlebars that have inner wall diameters of 14mm-21mm.

Motogadget also manufactures the m.View bar end mirror adapter that can be used in conjunction with the m-Blaze turn signals. The mirror adapter is sold individually, so order both to make a pair.

Signal Dynamics BackOFF XP Brake Light Modulator

It’s well proven that a flashing light gets attention. Capitalizing on this fact, Signal Dynamics created the BackOFF brake light modulator, which transforms a standard brake light into a visual warning strobe.

The unit can be set to project either a repeating loop that flashes three times before becoming static for 3.5 seconds, or wired to flash prominently for three times and then stay static as long as the brakes are being applied. This pulsing effect greatly increases visibility to tailing drivers, grabbing their attention and warning of your brake application.

The Signal Dynamics BackOFF XP brake light modulator uses solid state parts, with all electronics waterproofed for riding in all types of weather.

Denali B6 Auxiliary LED License Plate Brake Light

This simple and effective add-on bolts easily to the bottom portion of your existing license plate frame to give you additional brake lights. The auxiliary B6 LED light frame extension connects with just two bolts and acts as both a brake light and running light.

The system expands the OEM brake light’s footprint, increasing visibility and granting more safety by alerting other road users behind you. Built with a 180-degree angle of view, the unit has six high-power LED lamps that use only six watts of power for low battery drain.

The low-profile system is sleek once installed and won’t scream for attention. The Denali B6 license plate brake light comes with all necessary mounting hardware and a wiring pigtail, as well as three Posi-Taps.

Highsider Proton 2 LED 3-in-1 Rear Indicators

These aftermarket rear turn indicators have a three-in-one functionality, providing bright rear turn lights in addition to running and brake lights. The aluminum housing is small and mounts as a stylish piece without drawing attention until the lights flash on, giving you better visibility and, thus, more safety.

Finished in attractive black, these road-legal housings have smoke covers to tastefully mute the lighting while still registering brightly. Threaded stems make mounting easy and keep the units close to the bodywork.

Denali DialDim Lighting Controller

Providing total control over your bike’s illumination, the DialDim lighting controller by Denali allows you to dim or activate your auxiliary lighting units (up to two sets) with an on-the-fly switch. The multi-color halo switch mounts to the handlebar for easy operation, even during night riding.

The DialDim features a single, consolidated wiring harness. The system allows you to set various options through your high beam, turn signal, and horn switches to cancel auxiliary lights, flash aux lights as turn indicators, or strobe your lights when the horn is activated.

A special stealth mode allows the lights to be dimmed to zero during daylight hours  and switched to 100% instantly with the hit of the button. The system provides independent control over two sets of aux lights.

The flash function works in amber light to be in sync with turn indicators. There’s also a voltage indicator, which shines green when the battery is healthy and turns red when the battery drops below 11.8 volts. A built-in cut-off prevents stranding should the battery drop below 10.8 volts.

The DialDim controller comes with a harness, a multi-function switch, a handlebar switch, extensions, and a trigger wire harness.

Custom Dynamics Magic Spot Lights

Adaptable to motorcycles, this easy-to-install unit expands visibility at the back end of your ride, giving your nighttime illumination added breadth. The spot lights can be set to red coloring to function as auxiliary brake lights, amber for turn signals, or white for license plate illumination.

The six high-power LEDs have a single intensity level. The housing is available in chrome or black finish.

Installation is easy with just a simple two-wire connection. The entire LED light bar is small and discrete so as not to impose too much on your bike’s design flow.

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