4 Handy Fanttik Tools to Keep Your Ride Going

4 Handy Fanttik Tools to Keep Your Ride Going

You’re on a motorcycle tour far from home, so you’ve spent the night at a hotel. You get up in the morning, ready to ride, only to find you hit a nail yesterday and now your tire is empty.

Or maybe your battery has died, or some other disaster has struck. For situations like these, you should always carry a good set of portable tools in your panniers, especially on long tours.

Fanttik is a Texan motorcycle and automotive tool and accessory manufacturer. Their products are well-known for being portable, powerful, and—above all—reliable among motorists of all kinds.

Here are four useful tools to help you keep your ride going.

As a side note, we’re not getting paid for this article—we just thought you might like these tools as much as we do.

E1 Max Electric Screwdriver

Sometimes you have to screw in motorcycle accessories at awkward angles that make it hard to manually drive the screws in. The Fanttik E1 Max electric screwdriver does the job for you, as long as you hold it in place.

This compact, rechargeable powered screwdriver features a low (0.035 lb-ft) and high (0.12 lb-ft) torque setting to accommodate different screws. On a single charge, the battery lasts long enough to drive in hundreds of screws, so you shouldn’t find yourself out of charge in the middle of the ride.

Of course, you can also use the E1 Max as a regular screwdriver in the manual mode. The built-in LED light lets you see exactly where the screw needs to go.

The E1 Max comes with 50 all-steel bits for practically every screw type in existence. All the bits and the powered handle pop in and out of a magnetized holder that keeps them securely in place.

Just be cautious about what you store the holder with, as the magnets in it are strong enough that they can erase the magnet strip of a credit card or hotel key. The E1 Max also doesn’t have enough torque for load-bearing screws on your bike, but it’s still a handy tool for attaching accessories and mounts.

The E1 Max electric screwdriver sells for $75.97.

X9 Pro Tire Inflator

Keeping your tires topped up with air is vital for your tour’s success. The Fanttik X9 Pro tire inflator is a small but mighty device that helps get you to your destination when your tire pressure falls.

The inflator weighs less than a pound and is not wider or taller than your average smartphone (it is thicker, though). You won’t have to worry about the thing eating up much of your luggage capacity.

One battery charge lasts for a long time, allowing you to inflate multiple tires up to 150 PSI. Fanttik’s claim of inflating 50 motorcycle tires with one charge is a bit overoptimistic, but the point stands—you can top up your entire touring party’s tires and still have juice left over.

The pump’s usability couldn’t be much simpler. It turns on when you unplug the integrated hose and begins pumping with a single press of the large front button, filling a motorcycle tire from 28 to 32 PSI in around 30 seconds. An auto-shutoff function turns the pump off when it reaches the set air pressure to prevent overcharging.

Personally, I like the pump’s efficient cooling system. I’ve struggled enough with tire inflators that overheat after 10 minutes, but this little guy keeps going even after 25 minutes. It’s a useful addition to your touring gear catalog.

The X9 Pro tire inflator retails for $89.97.

Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Even with the most efficient and compact tire inflator, there’s no point in refilling your empty tires if there’s a gaping hole in them. That’s where the Fanttik tubeless tire repair kit comes in.

This kit, stored in a compact seven-by-eight-inch pouch, is compatible with all tubeless tires, from motorcycles to cars, 4x4s, and even your lawnmower. Inside the storage pouch, you’ll find everything you need to plug your punctured tire, including pliers, 15 vulcanized rubber plugs, a pocket knife, and an auger and plug inserter with T-handles. There are also a couple of extra valve cores included.

The kit won’t help you if you cut a tire sidewall, but then again, few if any repair kits will. If you hit a flat puncture, though, you’ll be glad you had this set with you.

The Fanttik tubeless tire repair kit sells for $29.97.

T8 1,300 Amp Jump Starter

A dead battery is among most riders’ worst nightmares. With the Fanttik T8 jump starter, you can resurrect your lifeless motorcycle—at least for long enough to get to a dealership to buy a new battery.

This jump starter has enough kick in it to jolt awake virtually any gasoline engine up to seven liters in size. With a 12,000mAh battery capacity, Fanttik promises up to 30 starts from a single charge.

I’ve never had enough vehicles available to find out whether that’s realistic, but the device will certainly hold charge over your tour. Even if it were to run out of juice, the T8 charges from 0% to 100% in about three hours (when plugged into a 30W charger).

This is a very compact jump starter, measuring only 8 x 4 x 2 inches. The handheld size makes the T8 also a useful flashlight in the dark, thanks to its integrated 400-lumen LED light that can be set to SOS blinking mode in an emergency.

To protect your battery, the device flashes an error message and refuses to spark if it detects reverse polarity, a short circuit, or an overcharge. As a cherry on top of it all, you can also charge phones and other devices from the unit’s USB-A/USB-C slots.

The T8 1,300 Amp jump starter sells for $129.97.

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