13 Unique Gifts for Motorcyclists

13 Unique Gifts for Motorcyclists

It can be tough to buy gifts for dedicated motorcyclists. They already have the bike, the tools, the gear… What else could you possibly get them?

Here’s a little insider tip about riders—they love everything that has anything to do with motorcycles. Decor, clothes, and knickknacks that allow your dearest motorcyclists to declare their love for bikes will surely be a hit present.

Here are 13 fun and unique motorcycling gifts for any occasion, from birthdays to holidays.

Rok Pack Straps

A motorcyclist can never have too many straps and buckles to secure all their gear to their bike for long tours. This two-pack of Rok pack straps is a thoughtful and practical gift to any rider.

The adjustable straps extend from 12 to 42 inches to fasten small to medium-sized equipment bundles. They have just enough stretch not to snap easily while remaining strong and durable.

When not in use, the straps roll up into a small ball that your friend or loved one can easily toss in a saddle or tank bag. The straps are also available in a 60-inch length.

Motorcycle Folding Knife

To many riders, motorcycles’ rough-and-tough image is one of their bigger charm points. If you’re loved one is one of them, this folding knife with a motorcycle-shaped handle will certainly please them.

An appropriately rowdy-looking cruiser decorates the cast metal handle. The flaming motorcyclist and etched checkered flag pattern on the blade only add to the wild look.

As a hidden bonus, the handle conceals a flashlight that shines out of the motorcycle’s headlight nacelle. This may not be the most practical knife, but it’ll make for one heck of a conversation piece.

Motorcycling Garden Gnome

Motorcyclists can have other hobbies as well—like gardening. This riding garden gnome brings motorcycles into your friend’s flower bed.

The tiny rider’s classic James Dean-style outfit—complete with a leather jacket, riding boots, and jeans—resonates with any motorcycle enthusiast. He’s even brought a froggy friend along for the ride.

On the back of the gnome’s bike rides a small solar cell that powers the headlight, which lights up automatically as the sun sets. This charming, bearded rider will add a delightful detail to a motorcyclist’s yard or porch.

GoPro Hero 11

Most riders love documenting their tours with pictures and video—some (like us at RoadRUNNER) even make it their job. GoPro Hero 11 is a first-class action camera for both hobbyist and professional moto videographers.

The compact, ultra-high 5.3K resolution camera straps easily to a helmet to record rides in the first person. GoPro has again improved its already stellar stabilization system for smooth footage.

Whether your riding friend enjoys traveling on the smoothest pavement or the rockiest trails, Hero 11 will record the adventure in crystal-clear image quality. They’ll love letting others experience the ride as if they were there with pro-grade video.

Motorcycle Wind ChimeChome

There are few things better after a long, tiring ride than sitting down in the peace and quiet of your own home. This motorcycle wind charm’s gentle tingle in the summer breeze helps a weary rider shake off the rigors of traveling.

Some wind chimes can get obnoxiously noisy, but there’s no need to worry about that with this one. The sound is quiet and soothing—perfect for a summer evening spent sitting on the porch recharging for the next ride.

Motorcycle-themed Socks

Nice, warm socks are a tried-and-true gift option when you’re completely out of other ideas. But these funny motorcycle-themed socks are sure to put a smile on a rider’s face as they pull them out of the bigger stocking.

Not only is the message motorcycle-themed (and appropriate if your dear rider sounds like a Harley-Davidson engine at night). The breathable, cushioned socks can also make for comfy short rides inside a motorcycle boot.

‘Motorcycle Parking Only’ Sign

If there’s one thing motorcyclists love (apart from motorcycles), it’s letting others know that they love motorcycles. This “Motorcycle Parking Only” sign will definitely do that.

The laminated aluminum sign is durable and weather-resistant, so it will look as good as new for years to come. It will clearly inform anyone pulling into the driveway what the name of the game is in this riding household.

However, this sign is also compliant with DOT requirements. That means your dear rider can use it to officially reserve a parking spot for their bike if they happen to run their own business—like a motorcycle dealership.

Motorcycle Pizza Cutter

If there’s any time to rival riding time, it’s pizza time. This pizza cutter with a motorcycle-shaped handle adds a fun touch to the post-ride dinner.

The stainless steel blade that makes up the bike’s front wheel is sharp enough to slice through pies of any thickness and easy to sharpen if it dulls. The blade has a non-stick surface, so your loved one won’t have to waste precious riding time scrubbing off stubborn tomato sauce stains.

Thanks to the included blade sheath, the cutter transforms into a cool motorcycle decoration when not in use. Any pizza-loving rider will be thrilled to have this cruiser parked on their countertop.

Motorcycle Decanter

A small nightcap in the comfort of your favorite armchair is the perfect bookend for a long motorcycle tour. This artistic motorcycle decanter is a perfect addition to a rider’s home bar or living room.

The decanter is shaped like a sport bike, which will delight any rider who loves getting their kicks on the race track—or just really likes watching MotoGP. With a 750 milliliter volume, the decanter can hold a standard liquor or wine bottle’s worth of liquid.

The tight-fitting glass stopper seals the decanter well, preventing excess oxidation from ruining the flavor of fine spirits. This decanter also makes for a great conversation starter when your loved wine sits down with their friends for a snifter or glass of something nice.

Guardian Bell Key Chain

Sometimes the smallest gifts are the most meaningful. This guardian bell keychain lets your special rider know you’re always wishing for their safety when they’re on the road.

Guardian bells are a long-standing motorcycling tradition. According to legend, the bell captures the evil spirits of the road—or gremlins, as riders call them—to prevent accidents and unexpected breakdowns.

Superstition or not, this bell will remind your dear motorcyclist to ride so that they can return home safely. It’s a fantastic and thoughtful stocking stuffer that lets your loved one know that you really care.

Motorcycle Desk/Wall Clock

Passionate riders love decorating their homes, garages, and workplaces with motorcycling-related items. This motorcycle desk and wall clock is a perfect fit, wherever your dear wants to put it.

The body of the clock is naturally shaped like a motorcycle. With a nice vintage art deco look, it has a universal appeal but will particularly delight fans of old, classic motorcycles.

The clock can be attached to a wall or sit on a desk or shelf, so your loved one can easily find an ideal spot for it. With a non-ticking quartz mechanism, it won’t distract anyone in case it ends up on a rider’s work desk in an office.

Motorcycle Chain Picture Frame

It’s a rare rider that doesn’t snap a few photos to immortalize their tours. This picture frame is an appropriate holder for those photographic memories.

The frame is shaped like a motorcycle chain, adding an extra bit of motorcycling flair to the photo. With a standard six-by-four-inch size, it suits both horizontal and vertical pictures.

Here’s a nice little gift idea—go on a motorcycle ride with your loved one and gift them a picture of your tour in this frame. We can guarantee the widest of smiles.

Klim Tool Pak

Every motorcyclist needs to bring along a good set of tools in case of mechanical failures. This tool organizer and holder from the famed moto gear manufacturer Klim lets your loved one take every tool they need with them.

This handy tool bag has internal organization compartments, so your riding friend doesn’t have to waste time looking for the right tool. With a compact size and light weight, it won’t overload their bike.

Thanks to the external straps, the bag can be attached to practically anything in case your loved one’s panniers have no space for it. This gift will give them peace of mind, knowing that they can fix any issue with their bike and get back home to you.

Honorable Mention: Motorcycle Gift Wrap

So, you found the perfect motorcycling gift on this list, and now you have to wrap it. Why not encase the present in an appropriately themed wrapping?

This motorcycle wrapping paper will bring a smile to your rider friend’s face before they even open their present. And even if the gift itself has nothing to do with motorcycles, this gift wrap still lets you acknowledge your friend’s riding passion.

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