10 Handy Amazon Finds for Any Motorcyclist’s Garage

10 Handy Amazon Finds for Any Motorcyclist’s Garage

You never thought you’d need it, but now you can’t live without it. Every motorcycle enthusiast has purchased some kind of gadget or tool that fits this description.

But there’s always another handy thingamajig out there that you never knew you wanted. Amazon is a great place to find them, but sorting through all the garbage to find the pearls takes time you could spend riding.

We curated this list of 10 useful motorcycling products that will make fine additions to your or a riding loved one’s garage.

Titan Ramps Lift

As anyone who’s had to pick up a dropped bike knows, motorcycles are heavy. Yet, sometimes you just have to lift them, and that’s when Titan Ramps comes to your aid.

This 11-gauge alloy steel lift can hoist up to 1,000 pounds, which should be enough for virtually any motorcycle. The platform has a maximum height of 34 inches, so even tall DIY mechanics can lift their bikes to a comfortable level for maintenance.

You pump the hydraulic platform up with a simple foot-operated jack, so there’s no need for additional equipment. As an upside, pumping the jack takes care of your leg workout routine for the day.

The diamond-plate surface is nice and grippy to prevent slipping. A front-wheel clamp secures the bike to the platform, while strap rings and a clamp bar provide additional security.

With a length of 81.25 inches, the Titan Ramps lift can accommodate almost every bike, barring perhaps the most humongous touring machines. If you maintain your own motorcycle, this lift is something you should have in your garage.

The Bike Shield

You shouldn’t expose your motorcycle to the elements unless you’re riding it, but what if you don’t have a garage to store it in? The Bike Shield is a portable, self-enclosed motorcycle shelter that will protect your bike from wind, rain, and snow.

Essentially a motorcycle tent, the Bike Shield consists of a fabric shell stretched over a frame consisting of 16 galvanized metal pipes. Once you’ve set it up, the shell—made of durable polyurethane-coated fabric for total waterproofing—closes down over your bike in seconds.

Inside the tent is a stabilizer cross plate that allows your bike’s weight to keep the Bike Shield on the ground. You can also anchor it to the ground for more stability.

Ventilation windows on the shell allow moisture to evaporate efficiently and keep it from damaging your bike. The frame includes a locking mechanism that prevents opening the cover (although you’ll have to buy a padlock separately).

With multiple sizes available, the Bike Shield fits most motorcycles on the market. Stop leaving your bike out in the rain—take it camping in a tent instead.

Happybuy Garage Floor Mat

Sun shines, birds fly, and oil spills during motorcycle maintenance—some things are just facts of life. When the spill happens, you’ll be happy to have bought Happybuy’s oil-resistant garage floor mat.

This durable, heavy-duty mat’s PVC surface doesn’t absorb oil—or grease, water, or any other liquid. It keeps the staining and difficult-to-wash spills from reaching your garage floor, saving you the effort of constantly pressure-washing your floor.

It’s easy to wipe or wash the mat clean, depending on the spill. As an added bonus, the surface is slightly sticky to prevent slipping, and the smooth PVC is more comfortable on your knees than rough concrete.

Installation couldn’t be much easier—just cut the mat into shape and roll it out. The heavy PVC stays firmly in place, but you also get double-sided tape for additional hold. The next time you kick over a motor oil container, this mat will save your day (and garage floor).

Vivohome Motorcycle Jack Lift

Need to lift your bike but the Titan ramp is just too big for your garage? Vivohome’s motorcycle jack lift is a small and affordable, yet mighty solution for getting your bike up in the air.

This 15-by-9-inch steel jack slips easily under your bike on a dolly with four steel casters (although you can also use it without the dolly). With a lift capacity of 1,100 pounds, it has the muscle to hoist even the biggest touring barge to a height of up to 17.7 inches.

The lift rises up with a simple crank handle to make oil or tire changes less of a hassle. A textured rubber contact surface on top of the lift platform keeps your bike securely in place for the maintenance process.

The package comes with all the parts and tools you need so you can lift your bike straight out of the box. Just one note—the lift might be a bit too tall to fit under motorcycles with very low ground clearance, so pre-measure before buying.

Remiawy Garage Wall Hooks

Where has that blasted 10mm wrench gone again? Never lose your tools again with the help of these convenient wall hooks.

This set includes 12 wall hooks in various shapes and sizes to hold tools, wheels, bike parts, and whatever else you may want to hang from your garage walls. The all-steel construction won’t bend easily even under heavier loads, while the non-slip rubber coating prevents slipping and scratches.

As an extra convenience, the package includes enough screws and screw anchors to hang all the hooks on plaster, wood, or concrete walls. Hang your tools and parts where you can see them and free up more floor space for your motorcycle.

Mefflypee LED Garage Lights

You can’t work on your motorcycle in the dark, but many garages have woefully inadequate lighting.  This double set of Mefflypee LED lights illuminate your workspace like the midday sun.

The lights consist of five LED panels with 90 degrees of vertical adjustability. You can angle them freely to shine exactly where you need them.

The 120-watt light panels produce 12,000 lumens of light—comparable to many OEM automobile high beams. In other words, they will light up your garage, no matter how big it is.

You won’t have to hire an expensive electrician to install the lights, either, as they screw into a regular E26 bulb socket. The smart LED panel design dissipates heat effectively to prolong the lights’ lifespan and avoid fire hazards.

The design does mean that the lights get hot, so remember to let them cool down before changing the angle!

NewAir Garage Heater

Winter is a good time to work on your bike while waiting for the next riding season, but it can get so chilly in the garage. NewAir’s portable 5,600-watt garage heater is sure to keep you toasty as you tinker with your motorcycle.

This powerful heater dishes out 19,000 British thermal units (BTU) of heat. In more comprehensible terms, it has enough to heat a roughly 300-square-foot, poorly insulated garage. With better insulation, this little beast will be effective in much larger spaces.

With a durable metal shell and overheat protection, this heater should keep working for a good long while. Despite the intense heating effect, the shell doesn’t get dangerously hot and stays cool enough to touch.

As a nice touch, this heater plugs into a 240V outlet, unlike many similar units that require hardwiring. With a reasonably compact size, it’s easy to move where you need heat the most.

MonsterRax Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Floor space is always at a premium in any garage. This sturdy overhead storage rack by MonsterRax helps you free up some precious floor estate.

The rack measures three by eight feet, offering up to 60 cubic feet of storage space. The all-metal construction is sturdy enough to hold up to 500 pounds of weight (assuming your ceiling can withstand the heft).

You can adjust the rack’s distance from the ceiling, with the possible positions ranging from 18 to 33 inches. Set it up at just the right height to reach it with or without a stepladder—whatever works best for your garage.

Uyecove Torque Wrench Kit

Good wrenches are one of the most essential motorcycle maintenance tools. This trio of adjustable torque wrenches is a welcome addition to any rider’s toolbox.

In the box, you’ll find three torque wrenches (1/2-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/4-inch), each with a direction switch and a quick-release function for the bits. The textured aluminum handle provides a firm grip and comes clean easily without rusting.

But the real kicker here is the adjustable torque. The locking mechanism on the handle allows you to decrease and increase the available torque within seconds, saving you the trouble of looking for another tool for stubborn bolts.

As a final highlight, the foam packaging the wrenches come in is designed to be reused for handy padded storage. Give these wrenches out as a gift and your dear rider won’t want to throw away even the box.

Bostitch Air Compressor Kit

Filling tires, blowing dirt out of hard-to-reach crevices, painting bike components… A good air compressor has many uses and this Bostitch air compressor excels in all of them.

The pancake compressor has a maximum output of 150 PSI, more than enough for motorcycle tires. It’s supplied with a durable 50-foot hose and a 10-piece accessory kit, so you will not have to buy extra attachments any time soon.

With a compact size and a weight of 30 pounds, the compressor is fairly easy to move around. It also has dual universal couples so you can fill both the front and rear tires at once.

If your garage doesn’t already have an air compressor, this one will serve you with distinction for a long time.

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