Ducati's 620 i.e.

Ducati's 620 i.e.
"We think this bike is great for beginners  -  women, men, [bank presidents] and street sweepers. A Ducati is sexy." Nicola Greco, Vice President of Ducati Sales and Marketing

LA JOLLA, CA  -  Our wake-up call rousted us for breakfast at seven and then the time approached to see if anyone could tame Ducati's newest she-beast, the Monster 620 i.e. Twenty-eight excited journalists scurried about the Best Western retrieving helmets and all the other accessories needed for a "ticket to ride." Guides and Ducati employees handed out books and maps, and the media tour began.

Safety & Security

Red, yellow, or black  -  a bright squadron of 32 Monsters prowled the streets of La Jolla. Pedestrians did double takes; drivers twisted curiously in their front-row seats.

Forty-five minutes later, the town is behind us and we opened the throttles a little more as we careened through winding canyon roads and past a series of luminescent orange groves. I rode in second position and followed close behind our guide on his Ducati MHR. My Monster's dark paws grabbed the asphalt (tremendous grip there), smoothly taking turn after turn, and I marveled at its torque and handling capabilities. When we needed the brakes, especially upon our approach to a palm-tree-shaded speed trap, the new 320 mm double-disc, Brembo Goldline caliper, front-brake system worked exceedingly well.