2012 Kymco Scooter Lineup

2012 Kymco Scooter Lineup
With an already long list of models available, Kymco has added five new scooters to its lineup, and I tested four of them. Charleston, SC, provided us with plenty of city and country riding, and the cobblestone roads gave us a feel of the scooters’ suspensions, especially after some good low-country cookin’.

Downtown 200i

The 205cc scooter is a smaller version of the Downtown 300i. Kymco upgraded its scoots with electronic fuel injection, and the CVT automatic transmission is present in all models. The 30.5-inch seat height feels lower because of its La-Z-Boy like seat, which gave me a slightly leaned-back posture, especially with the rather tall floorboards. For my 6-foot-2-inch frame I felt that my knees came up too high. The handlebar and controls are within reach and contribute to the overall leaned-back feeling. The tank holds 3.3 gallons and gets an estimated 69 miles per gallon. The underseat storage is quite large and capable of housing two helmets. The Downtown 200i is available in silver, pearl white and burnt orange and retails for 99.

People GT 200i

The People scooter got divided. There’s no more 250cc, and instead you can choose between the 200i and the 300i. The People GT 200i has the same engine as the Downtown 200i. The only differences are the wheel sizes, dimensions and styling.
This more urban-looking scooter is a great way to commute, and it was able to keep up with the other maxi scooters. The step-through design makes it easy to get on and off and gives it that classic scooter look. There is practically no underseat storage so you have to mount a top case if you want to store a helmet. It’s available in black, silver and white and retails for 99.

People GT 300i

Sporting the same engine as the existing Downtown 300i, the People GT 300i is by far the most fun of the bunch. Weighing only 3 pounds less than the Downtown 300i, it feels worlds faster, and it took off the fastest from a complete stop. The first time I rode the GT 300i I was impressed by its acceleration. Its spunkiness makes the People GT 300i a capable city conqueror. If I had to deliver pizzas I would choose this one. Just like it’s smaller brother, the 300i doesn’t have much underseat storage. The price tag of 99 isn’t cheap, but it pays off in smiles. It’s available in black, silver and gold.

Like 200i LX

This Taiwanese scooter looks the most Italian with its retro blue and white paint scheme and styling, but it costs a lot less with a retail price of 99. Unlike the bigger Kymcos, which are liquid-cooled, the smaller displacement models are air-cooled. The frame of this bite-size scooter was too small for me as my knees kept interfering with the handlebar during turns.


The Downtown 200i, People GT 200i and 300i display speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meter, clock, fuel and temperature gauge, and 12-volt accessory outlet. The Like 200i LX has only a speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and clock.

Lower prices on existing models

The Like 200i is now 99; the Agility 125 costs 99; and the Agility 50 is 99. All models come with a two-year factory warranty. With Kymco’s wide range of models there’s a scooter for everybody.