Blue Mountain

Text: Andi Seiler • Photography: Andi Seiler, Monika Seiler

Driving through the Rockies means getting a real out of this land of wonderful landscapes, fantastic lookouts, rockin' backroads and friendly people. Andi Seiler got it.

The radio is turned up. Steppenwolf's 'Born to be Wild' is resounding from the speakers, sunshine is back after several days, I'm sitting on the bike, the lady of my heart on the rear seat, and we're heading north on Interstate 25. Not even the busy traffic is able to hold me back from being in a good mood. I've been waiting for this moment for too long. Pull the throttle and get away!

In Cheyenne, Wyoming, we arrive at Frontier Days, the most famous rodeo in the USA. 'The Daddy of 'em All,' the Americans call it. A great event with a lot of visitors, cowboys, bulls, horses, beer and beef. For a German guy like me it's a great and an exciting moment to meet 'em all. Bob and Kristie in the PR-office take good care of us, our press passports, Stetsons, cowboy boots and long-sleeved shirts. Otherwise you won't get in. That's the cowboy rule for the press. It reminds me a little bit of my childhood when we used to play Cowboys and Indians.

In the evening, after a long exciting day, we get the opportunity to listen to real country music from the third row with cold Coors in our hands. Alan Jackson, songwriter and singer, is loudly welcomed by the fans while singing his typical songs about country life, love, cowboy romance and a wide country. I have to agree with him. This is a great country, and I wish to stay here forever. While thinking of rainy, cloudy and cold Germany and driving down the highways of Colorado and Wyoming, I've got the kick. It seems like the right time, right country, right girl to change all the things around me.

The cold and the rainy weather return on our way to Laramie the next day. Thunderstorms with impressive lightning and showers are reminding me of good old Germany. No, I won't go back. Some of the guys on our staff in Germany are making jokes about me as 'Rainman.' The area I come from is famous for its bad weather with plenty of rainshowers.

All those thoughts are gone when the sunshine comes back the next morning. Mona and I are heading southwest to Steamboat Springs. The weather is becoming better and better, and blue skies can tell us something about the Blue Mountains. Most of the time I'm thinking of John Denver who wrote a lot of songs about his home country. In my childhood, I listened to those songs over and over again and dreamed about this amazing part of the world. As a singer and songwriter, John changed his name from Henry John Deutschendorf to John Denver. 'Deutschendorf!' Mysterious coincidence, isn't it? No, it's fate, it must be!

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