City Escapes:  Boston, Massachusetts

Text: James T. Parks • Photography: James T. Parks

This historically themed Boston, MA, daytrip begins in the town of Waltham, which was incorporated in 1783 and is known for watchmaking. The morning section of the route visits historic locations that range from the American Revolutionary War to the Industrial Revolution. In the afternoon, you’ll get to cruise along rural lanes in pastoral New England countryside. Along the western section of the route, you’ll pass classic 18th century architecture.

Traffic on the backroads is usually light, but it gets heavier near Boston and Lowell. This is not a difficult route, but parking can be problematic near the points of interest—especially on weekends. Some stretches of road may be rough due to the residual effect of harsh winter weather.

Lunch Stop

The Club Diner is an old-school diner in Lowell’s historic downtown that’s been operating under the same family for 75 years. They serve traditional all-American diner fare. Find it at 145 Dutton St, Lowell, MA, (978) 452-1679.