City Escape: Cheyenne, WY

Text: Tim Kessel • Photography: Tim Kessel

When it’s time to get out of Wyoming’s capital city, this short foray south into Colorado features great scenery and some intoxicating winding roads. For just a single-day ride, this Cheyenne City Escape is remarkably diverse. You will roll through both arid grasslands and alpine forests. The roads themselves are equally varied, with long straights providing “forever” views of the surrounding landscape, and tight, pine tree-lined twisties offering plenty of thrills. This is a three-season ride due to high annual snowfall in the winter.


Approximately 212 miles

Meet-up Spot

Starbucks, 2111 Central Ave, Cheyenne, WY 

Lunch Stop

The Forks Mercantile and Saloon restaurant offers up friendly service and good food. It is also the last chance to gas up before Laramie, WY. Find it at 17685 US-287 #1, Livermore, CO.

Scenery 5 out of 5 

No matter your taste in scenery, you are certain to find something to your liking on this route. Grasslands and high deserts characterize the start and finish of the escape, with a healthy dose of mountain forests west of Fort Collins, CO. To cap it off, much of the route is flanked by rivers and lakes. 

Difficulty 4 out of 5

This is a contrasting route, so it is important not to carry the speed of the long straight sections into the technical curves of Poudre Canyon. Riders also need be aware of the area’s high deer population.

Road Conditions 4 out of 5

Road conditions are as varied as the scenery on this route. The straight sections leaving and returning to Cheyenne are smooth and well-paved. The winding road through Poudre Canyon is a bit more cracked and “tar snake” asphalt repairs are frequent. This should be watched out for, especially on hot days.