City Escape: Woodsfield, Ohio

Text: Florian Neuhauser • Photography: Chris Myers

Southeastern Ohio is a motorcyclist’s dream playground. The topography offers countless turns, many of which are technically challenging. A bike with an appetite for lean angles and good suspension is best, but even on a big touring bike, these roads will not disappoint. The majority of the route follows Monroe County’s “Demon Triangle,” considered one of America’s most challenging motorcycle routes.


Approximately 125 miles round-trip 

Meet-up Spot

McDonald’s, 145 N Main St, Woodsfield, OH

Lunch Stop 

Marv’s Place serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner; they’re open every day. Save room for dessert. Find it at 37143 Muskingum St, Sardis, OH, (740) 483-9999,

Scenery (3 out of 5) 

The rollings hills of Appalachia are a blast to ride through but don’t expect grand overlooks and vistas.

Difficulty (5 out of 5) 

The Demon’s Triangle serves up challenging curves. Ride within your sight limit and always expect hidden roads and driveways.

Road conditions (3 out of 5) 

This area has seen some rock sides in recent years. Call the tourism office and ask about any road closures.