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May/June 2021

Johnson City, Tennessee Shamrock Tour®

Johnson City lies just on the edge of the Cherokee National Forest in the northeastern corner of Tennessee. The city is claimed to be one of the first settled areas in the state, originating in the late 1700s, but it didn’t get its name until 1856 when Henry Johnson set up a train depot that joined three railway systems. The area quickly became a hub for travel and trade. These days, Johnson City is known for its nightlife, small local businesses, and quick access to lots of outdoor activities. For motorcyclists, this means there’s a lot to see and do in the evenings, and plenty of roads to explore during the day!
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January/February 2021

City Escapes: Maryville, Tennessee

This trip is for those who like long riding days. Start early to complete the entire loop before dark and ride during summer to get the most sunlight. This is a three-season route, as higher elevations tend to get snowed up in the winter. The mountains are stunning in this area, with vibrant valleys, mountain passes, and flowing streams. You’ll also go through some of the tightest and twistiest roads in Tennessee and North Carolina, perfect for sport or sport touring riders. With many famous roads like Deals Gap and Cherohala Skyway, the Smoky Mountains are a riding gold mine.
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November/December 2020

Chattanooga, Tennessee Shamrock Tour® : In Our Own Backyard

Luke was stripping down to his underwear in the middle of a park somewhere outside of Cleveland, TN, not too far from our hometown of Chattanooga. Just behind him flowed the Hiwassee River, over which stretches a bridge from where he claimed he’s seen people jump. It was 50 degrees outside. As to how cold the water was, we could only guess.
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Kentucky: Backroads of Appalachia

March/April 2020

Kentucky: Backroads of Appalachia

Our starting point is Pine Mountain State Resort Park in Pineville, KY. It’s mid-March, and the mornings are expectedly chilly. Marisa and I quickly find ourselves shedding additional layers of clothing as the sun warms the Kentucky hills, but as we descend into deep, wooded valleys, where the morning sun doesn’t fall, we feel the temperature drop sharply.
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May/June 2019

City Escape: Chattanooga, Tennessee

This route squeezes in some of the best roads that Chattanooga has to offer. It covers a variety of incredible scenery: countless overlooks, the sharpest hairpins turns, remote riverfront roads, and even open valley farmland.  Length Approximately 157 miles round-trip  Meet-up Spot Dunkin’, 627 Signal Mountain Rd, Chattanooga, TN Lunch Stop  River Drifters is not officially a biker bar, but the owner loves to ride, so bikes are welcome.
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