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March/April 2021

Western Pennsylvania & New York, Part 2

Jeff Arpin and I continue exploring the western environs of New York and Pennsylvania by following the water. Preparing to depart Cataract City (aka Niagara Falls, NY), the fall weather is invigorating. Sunshine reflecting off the Niagara River presents a dazzling array of sparkling jewels. Road construction, however, causes us to soon forsake the Seaway Trail for a less scenic route north.
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January/February 2021

Western Pennsylvania & New York Part 1

Science tells us that around 55% to 60% of the human body is composed of water. In that vein, marine biologist Wallace J. Nicholas has noted that: “We are beginning to learn that our brains are hardwired to react positively to water and that being near it can calm and connect us …” Water, in its many forms—rivers, lakes, rain, waterfalls, canals, and streams—will be a constant companion for Jeff Arpin and me, riding a silver and blue Honda ST1300 respectively, as we explore western Pennsylvania and New York.
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May/June 2020

New York: Adirondack State of Mind

Moody morning fog shrouds the woods around Fort Ticonderoga, but by the time Cameron and I climb the short, steep hill up to Mount Defiance, the August sun has burned away the morning mist. We have a clear eastward view across narrow Lake Champlain to Vermont and the Green Mountains. Our travels this time are westward, though. We turn our backs on Vermont and ride into the Adirondack Mountains.
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March/April 2020

City Escape: New York City

Escape from the busy and noisy Big Apple metropolis into the picturesque, relaxing farmlands and forests of northern New Jersey. Experience beautiful mirror lakes and running streams in the unspoiled wilderness. Small, rustic towns and villages will take you back 100 years. View the majestic Buttermilk Falls and ride the historic Old Mine Road alongside the mighty Delaware River.
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September/October 2019

New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and Quebec: Upper East Side

We’re passing through Bloomfield, VT, when we stop at the country store for a cold drink. A clearly exasperated farmer named Bob is at the counter, prattling on about the “Moose Fest,” a fair and classic car gathering in the town of Canaan, 20 miles north. (It also happens to include an event that will soon be taking the country by storm: Cow Plop Bingo.) “Dang,” says Bob. “I hate this weekend. When the Moose Fest comes to town, I go camping. It’s a zoo up there.” I notice he’s buying a case of cheap beer for his forthcoming wilderness retreat. Clearly, the guy needs some alone time.
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