Yamaha Introduces Remaining 2023 Motorcycle Lineup Including New XMAX Scooter & Updated MT-07

Yamaha Introduces Remaining 2023 Motorcycle Lineup Including New XMAX Scooter & Updated MT-07


Provocatively called a “hyper naked,” Yamaha’s popular MT-07 gets some equally provocative upgrades for 2023. The new items are evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary, focused on display and connectivity.

The popular sport machine’s chassis and engine are unchanged, but it comes with new aesthetics in the form of bold graphics. Most significantly, there’s a new five-inch full-color TFT screen that displays essential ride information in two different screen modes. The Street setting presents the tachometer, digital speedometer, and gear selection in a bar-type readout, whereas the Touring mode displays in a conventional circular layout, with an analog tach and a digital speedo.

To satisfy the world’s obsession with communication, the new MT-07 will feature Yamaha’s Motorcycle Connect for smartphone connectivity through theY-Connect app (for either iOS or Android). The system allows the rider to view incoming calls, emails, and message notifications, as well as battery life and connection status, on the new screen.

Additionally, there is a highly useful function that allows you to track rides, with distance covered, acceleration, and fuel economy, as well as a host of other useful info. All of it is shareable with other Yamaha riders worldwide.

The 2023 MT-07 is pre-wired to make the installation of Yamaha’s quickshifter simple and easy. The new machine comes in Cyan Storm, Team Yamaha Blue, or Matte Raven Black. It’s set to make landfall stateside in April.

XMAX Scooter

Yamaha is rolling out an extensive update to its popular, mid-sized sport scooter, the XMAX. The familiar XMAX styling is modernized with a more aggressive design featuring X-shaped head and tail lights. The reliable 292cc single-cylinder engine returns, as do the traditional motorcycle front fork, 15-inch front and 14-inch rear wheels with disc brakes and traction control, and the large underseat compartment with enough room for two full-face helmets.

A new 4.2-inch full-color TFT screen (with a 3.2-inch LCD speedo) displays essential ride info. The display is operated by handlebar-mounted switches.

Like the MT-07, the XMAX can now use Y-Connect to pair with smartphones, providing control of calls and music. The connectivity is augmented with Garmin turn-by-turn navigation compatibility.

Paired with a Bluetooth headset, the system allows the rider to accept or reject incoming calls, as well as see incoming texts and email notifications. Additionally, you can monitor battery life and connection status as well as receive weather forecasts.

Essential operating information, such as revs, speed, fuel consumption, engine temperature, battery voltage, and ambient temperature appear on the large TFT screen for easy tracking. The information can be collected for use with service intervals and tracking last known location. It also has the same ride tracking function as the MT-07.

The 2023 XMAX Scooter comes in striking Granite Gray and is available at dealers now.

Ténéré 700

Yamaha’s highly regarded adventure mount, the Ténéré 700, with its capable 686cc liquid-cooled in-line twin engine (derived from the MT-07) remains relatively unchanged in 2023. The machine features a narrow profile and a slim fuel tank for maximum maneuverability, which is coupled with fully adjustable long-travel suspension and spoked 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels with triple disc brakes in off-road essential cancelable ABS. The 2023 Ténéré 700 comes in two new color schemes—Team Yamaha Blue and Shadow Gray.