Yamaha Introduces New Y-Connect on Select 2023 Models

Yamaha Introduces New Y-Connect on Select 2023 Models | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel

With connectivity becoming an evermore ubiquitous and essential aspect of modern life, motorcycle riders have increasingly begun to opt for the same connectivity with their motorcycling experience. To this end, Yamaha has announced its exclusive Yamaha Motorcycle Connect (Y-Connect), which provides smartphone connectivity while riding.

The Y-Connect will make its debut on the 2023 XMAX scooter and the 2023 MT-07 naked sport machine. From there, Yamaha will progressively introduce the system to an expanded range of models.

The system links the rider’s smartphone directly to the motorcycle. Doing so, it grants a wide variety of functionality—from wireless calling, music playback, navigation, and access to data-sharing apps—in an intuitive arrangement.

Initially, the Y-Connect will be available without handlebar controls on the 2023 MT-07, offering a base level application enabling phone, text, and email notifications. A fully interactive turn-by-turn satellite navigation display with handlebar-mounted phone, music, and navigation controls will be available on the 2023 XMAX scooter.

The system will be available for iOS and Android operating systems through wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Riders can link their phones to the motorcycle’s dash screen, while also connecting the Communication Control Unit to the Y-Connect app. The system allows for a range of vehicle operational information to be displayed through the smartphone app.

With Garmin’s StreetCross navigation app installed on the rider’s smartphone (iOS or Android) and paired to the vehicle’s CCU, the TFT display screen becomes an on-board, turn-by-turn navigation system. In addition, riders will have access to weather forecasts, time, connection status, and battery life, all displayed on the bike’s screen.

Specific Yamaha models with handlebar controls will allow the Y-Connect system to be paired with a Bluetooth headset, enabling the rider to receive or reject incoming calls while also providing music selection and volume control.

Bolstering the mechanical application, the Y-Connect system collects information on vehicle operation. Factors such as engine speed, fuel consumption, engine temperature, voltage, and ambient temperature can be displayed on the TFT screen.

The collected data aids in tracking of service intervals and vehicle location. Additional features for the TFT display include throttle opening, acceleration, and an eco riding indicator.

The Y-Connect can also track personal ride information, with date, time, route, weather, and temperature, as well as averages for speed, fuel consumption, throttle opening, and rpm. The system also logs the odometer, air pressure, and elevation. This information can be shared with other Yamaha riders either worldwide to receive rankings by comparison.

Yamaha plans to release the Y-Connect app and compatibility patches for free.