Yamaha Hands Out $145,000 in Aid for Outdoor Recreation

Yamaha Hands Out $145,000 in Aid for Outdoor Recreation

Yamaha does more than just build motorcycles. The brand also supports locations and initiatives that provide riders with places to ride.

To this end, Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiatives (OAI) has granted awards totaling $145,175 to improve access to public land for motorcycling. Yamaha said these second quarter grants went out to help national efforts and projects that directly impact the future of riding.

The awards went out to six applicants—Colorado Wild Public Lands, Indian Creek Valley ATV Club, Limestone Trail Hawks, National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, All Kids Bike, and the Nature Conservancy.

Yamaha Hands Out $145,000 in Aid for Outdoor Recreation

“We continue to prioritize projects offering innovative and sustainable solutions to the problems facing access to land for motorized and outdoor recreation. This quarter’s applicants delivered in many impactful ways and we are excited to continue being involved in making real progress on the ground,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s Motorsports marketing manager.

“We are additionally pleased to continue our partnership with the Nature Conservancy in Tennessee in support of their efforts to build 150 miles of legal motorized trails on the Northumberland Plateau,” he added.

In addition to the Tennessee trail project, the recipients’ projects include developing a public land trade database to protect recreation access, educating land managers on sustainable trail building and maintenance, and introducing kindergarteners to riding.

Yamaha AOI has supported responsible access to national public lands for outdoor recreation since 2008. The initiative has donated more than $5 million to 400 projects across the country. These projects have included maintaining, building, and rehabilitating trails, constructing bridges, spreading information and education, and more.The application deadline for the third quarter Yamaha AOI grants is September 30, 2022. To apply, visit www.yamahaaoi.com.