Women in the Front Seat Documentary Launches on Amazon Prime

Women in the Front Seat Documentary Launches on Amazon Prime

Female riders form an important but often overlooked part of the motorcycling community. Women in the Front Seat provides an insider perspective into what it means to be a lady in the saddle.

Now available for streaming, this feature documentary follows filmmaker Indy Saini on her solo cross-country journey aboard an Indian Scout. It details her encounters with other women who, like her, are part of the growing movement of women riders.

As they ride, Saini discovers how they break social norms and the stereotypes surrounding women and their riding hobby.

Women in the Front Seat is a deeply personal film to me and my life’s journey. Yet, what I, and each of the women, discovered throughout the making of the film is how much we all share while being thoroughly unique and fiercely independent,” said Saini.

Over her journey, Saini seeks to come to terms with her own youth and the sense of isolation from being torn between rural Pennsylvania and her father’s native Punjab, India. Drawn to all things that go fast, she began riding motorcycles in her early 20s and found that straddling a bike gave her a confidence she’d never felt before.

As she meets other riding women, Saini finds out how much she shares with them. They all ride for their own reasons, but they all share common feelings of finding courage, embracing power, and seeking a community.

The documentary details a colorful cast of women riders. Among them are Wendy, a survivor of a near-fatal crash who went on to become the first woman to win the Iron Butt Motorcycle Rally; Diamond, an Iraq War veteran who got back in the saddle after her own serious accident; and a group of young Midwest women who put together their own motorcycle club.

As they ride, compare their bikes, and admire quirky customizations, the women form a strong sense of sisterhood. Their bonds reveal the drive that inspires each of them to get in the saddle, grab the handlebar, and take control as women in the front seat. Women in the Front Seat is streaming now on Amazon Prime.