Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary

Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary

Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha… Do these names get your throttle-hand twitching? Then you should join the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (VJMC) in celebrating their 45th anniversary.

The VJMC, founded in 1977, is the foremost North American motorcycling organization dedicated to vintage Japanese bikes. They work to bring the fun of riding Japanese motorcycles, aged 20 years or more, to the public.

“This club has been successful for 45 years because it brings people and vintage Japanese bikes together for fun, friendship, and new riding experiences. We have a great vintage community that celebrates the past while riding into the future,” Tom Kolenko, President of VJMC, said in a statement.

The VJMC focuses on preserving and restoring well-matured Japanese bikes. And, of course, they ride them to promote motorcycling in general.

The main birthday celebrations take place at the 2022 VJMC National Rally  on June 23-26. Held in Eureka Springs, AR, the event is open to all VJMC members and friends.

Participants get to enjoy tours and rides on both bikes and horse-drawn carriages. This is on top of all the other activities available at this picturesque location.

The highlight of the rally is the motorcycle show on June 25. The best bikes in 14 different classes will receive a special award, before the event wraps up with a buffet dinner. Pre-registration (required for attendance) is currently open.

Thousands of Members

The VJMC has more than 3,300 members across all age groups, genders, and riding skill levels. What connects them is their burning passion for a good old Japanese motorcycle.

The organization participates in various local and national events, ranging from meet-and-greets to rides, picnics, and more. Members also get access to extensive online resources, the VJMC Magazine, and discounts at various retailers.

The VJMC is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. Their membership fee stands currently at $35.