The Meaning Of It All

The Meaning Of It All
The following is a transcription of a handwritten letter that arrived at the RoadRUNNER office in early March. The letter caught us off-guard with its directness and honesty, and while our original plan was to only respond to the writer, we thought you might also want to hear his story.

Mr. Florian Neuhauser,

With bittersweet feelings, I have to tell you that I will not be renewing my RoadRUNNER subscription. By no means is it for any negative reasons—quite the opposite!

I am currently incarcerated and have been since 2016. I am coming to the end of my commitment, so when I experience this transition, I do not know where or what my living situation will be like for a moment.

Fortunately, my subscription expires before this transition period.

I have been a subscriber for about four years. It started when I found a battered and worn RoadRUNNER issue on a community bookshelf.