That’s Odd—Unique Things Seen at EICMA 2023

That’s Odd—Unique Things Seen at EICMA 2023

The EICMA 2023 motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy, displayed some of the latest and greatest developments in the motorcycling industry. And then there were the other things.

Not that I’m knocking the more unique creations showcased in Milan. They may very well be the future of the scene—they’re just way ahead of their time.

Here’s a collection of the most creative, unusual, and bizarre things I saw at EICMA 2023.

Midland was on the grid with this Tron light cycle. Sadly, it did not run.

This so-funky-its-cool Chinese electric utility scooter is called the Velocifero Oliver VLF-T66.

This vintage Vespa was all kitted up for ice racing.

Ezi from China showed off this futuristic shape-shifting Hypevision electric concept motorbike.

Electric scooter maker Horwin wowed everyone with its anime-style Senmenti X electric motorcycle.

Electric motorcycle and scooter maker Yadea had some larger electric motorcycles on display, including this Kemper model.

This fat-tired Beachmad electric model by Velocifero looks ready to hit the beach.

Royal Enfield brought its Himalayan HIM-E electric prototype to the show.

China’s QJMotor showed off a pair of 1078cc in-line four motorcycles, one of which has an unusual exhaust configuration.

Benelli, now Chinese-owned, had a slate of TRK adventure bikes on display.

MV Agusta has come a long way since this 98cc two-stroke.

The flaming red SuperVeloce rolling sculpture stands as a testament to MV Agusta’s journey.

Moto Guzzi showed off its 100-cubic-inch (1638cc) liquid-cooled V100 motor with this Marina model.

Kymco’s science-fictiony F9 scooter looks positively cinematic. 

The kid will grow bigger. The Polini pocket bike won’t.

Are electric unicycles (EUCs), like this Inmotion oddity, the next big thing? They already race them and they reach freeway speeds.

Harley-Davidson V-Rods are history, but this custom job is a winner.