Suzuki Reveals 2023 Dual Sport and Supermoto Bikes

Suzuki Reveals 2023 Dual Sport and Supermoto Bikes

Off-road and sport riders are in for a treat in the coming year. Suzuki has unveiled two dual sports and one supermoto for 2023, and they’re dressed to impress.

The Japanese bike maker’s offerings consist of 2023 DR-Z400S and DR650S dual sports and the DR-Z400SM supermoto. Each of the bikes is a joy on the street, while the first two will also net you miles of fun on trails.

The bikes share similar design cues, with a rectangular front fairing and headlight, coupled with sporty shapes. But each also offers something a bit different to please riders of varying skills and preferences.

Suzuki Reveals 2023 Dual Sport and Supermoto Bikes

2023 Suzuki DR-Z400S

The 2023 Suzuki DR-Z400S is the latest iteration of the bike some consider to have been the origin of modern dual sports. The motorcycle has crisp handling characteristics and enjoyable performance, which gift it with the ability to tackle both streets and trails.

Powered by a compact, liquid-cooled 398cc engine, the bike has a surprising amount of torque. The four-valve powerplant is light and produces broad power that suits any terrain with easy controllability.

The five-speed transmission continues the lightweight trend, with its magnesium alloy construction shaving excess pounds off the machine. The transmission has a cable-operated clutch with a separate outer cover for simpler maintenance.

A narrow, tubular chrome-moly steel frame offers high rigidity with minimal weight. The DR-Z400S also features a bolt-on aluminum subframe that makes accessing the bike’s components easy.

Soaking up bumps are a long-travel (11.3 inches) 49mm cartridge-style fork and a rear shock absorber with 11.6 inches of travel. Both offer compressions damping and preload adjustment for a smooth ride both on and off the pavement.

The spoke-style 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels have stylish blacked-out aluminum rims fitted with Dunlop D208 dual-purpose tires. Stopping power comes from a 250mm front disc with a dual-piston caliper and a 220mm rear disc with a single-piston caliper.

The bike has street-legal halogen lighting in the front and back. An electric start system provides convenient operation, together with a maintenance-free battery.

The 2023 Suzuki DR-Z400S is available in Champion Yellow No. 2 and Solid Black.

Suzuki Reveals 2023 Dual Sport and Supermoto Bikes

2023 Suzuki DR650S

For more all-around riding power, we have the 20203 Suzuki DR650S. Propelling the bike forward is a 644cc air- and oil-cooled four-stroke engine.

Suzuki has tuned the engine to emphasize performance in the low- to mid-rpm range. The engine is held aloft by a lightweight semi-double cradle frame that offers agile handling on smooth and rough terrain.

The front fork on the new D650S has an innovative height adjustment feature. In the rear resides an aluminum-body shock absorber, also with height adjustment and adjustable preload and compression damping. Both suspension elements provide 10.2 inches of travel.

For braking, the DR650S sports a 290mm floating front disc and a 240mm rear disc, both with a two-piston caliper. The equipment offers the bike reliable stopping power in all conditions.

The aluminum rims with stainless steel spokes are shod with 90/90-21 front and 120/90-17 dual sport tires. The wheel axles and the beam-style aluminum swingarm are hollow, which reduces unsprung weight.

For 2023, Suzuki has colored the DR650S in Solid Black & Iron Gray and Solid Special White No. 2.

Suzuki Reveals 2023 Dual Sport and Supermoto Bikes

2023 Suzuki DR-Z400SM

As its name implies, this supermoto is based on the DR-Z400S. The 2023 Suzuki DR-Z400SM takes the soul of a dual sport bike and brings it to smooth paved roads.

The DR-Z400SM has the same engine and transmission as its dual sport parent, offering plenty of low-rpm torque. The suspension has been swapped for a Showa inverted fork and a fully adjustable rear shock, which offer adjustable compression damping.

The wheels have wide blue- or black-anodized RK Excel aluminum rims with stainless steel spokes. The sporty radial tires measure 120/70-R17 in the front and 140/70-R17 in the rear.

For color, Suzuki offer Grand Blue No. 2 & Solid Black and Solid Special White No.2 for the DR-Z400SM.