Suzuki Launches All-New Compact Parallel-Twin Engine

Suzuki Launches All-New Compact Parallel-Twin Engine | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel

A new power is rising. Suzuki has introduced an all-new, compact parallel-twin 776cc DOHC engine to power the new 2023 GSX-8S and the V-Strom 800DE.

This new engine configuration is lightweight and provides a narrow width and short length. The engine’s bulk is positioned in the chassis to optimize the center of mass to provide better handling and rider ergonomics, says Suzuki.

Unique to the engine’s 270-degree crankshaft angled parallel-twin is Suzuki’s patented Cross Balancer, which appears for the first time on a production motorcycle. The new engine employs 450 degrees of crank revolution between power cycles (firing at 270 and 720 degrees), creating power delivery similar to Suzuki’s 90-degree V-twin platforms.

By extending the power pulses, the rear wheel maintains more consistent traction and allows for stronger pull at lower speeds. As a result, the rider gets to enjoy more controlled and smoother handling.

In another first, the engine’s two balancers are positioned at a 90-degree angle to the crankshaft. The Cross Balancer system helps reduce engine vibration common to most V-twins by canceling out the reciprocating weight of the pistons.

The number one balancer is devoted to the first piston, while the number two balancer looks after the second piston. They work in concert to eliminate the inherent vibration generated between the two. The design promises to smooth out the delivery of power and spread torque and horsepower evenly over the entire powerband.

The new fuel-injected parallel-twin is fed by dual 42mm linked ride-by-wire throttle bodies to maximize fuel atomization and give the new powerplant crisp response and more efficient fuel consumption. An Accelerator Position Sensor (APS) helps optimize the performance depending on the degree and intensity of throttle application.

The new engine is mated with the Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) and six-speed transmission fitted with a standard quickshifter. The Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS) provides selectable ride modes, coupled with advanced traction control, to allow the rider to personalize engine performance.

The 84mm forged pistons and connecting rods have been reworked to offer better engine performance and dependability. Suzuki employs its race-developed Composite Electrochemical Material Process on the cylinder bores to help dissipate heat and reduce friction, prolonging ring life and adding to engine durability.

The new parallel twin breathes through an underseat airbox, which is shaped to augment the bike’s slim profile. At the exhaust end, a two-into-one system transforms the innovative inner mechanical workings of the engine to a pleasant exhaust note.  

Suzuki’s new parallel-twin delivers a healthy torque and power curve to accommodate the brand’s middleweight class contenders, bringing modern technology to a classic engine configuration.