Royal Enfield Launches Rentals and Tours Operation

Royal Enfield Launches Rentals and Tours Operation

Royal Enfield is looking to offer riders an easier and more convenient way to get on tours—naturally on Royal Enfield motorcycles. To this end, the company has launched Royal Enfield Rental and Tours, an international program providing motorcycles and travel options in various locations.

At launch, the Rentals and Tours catalog covers more than 60 destinations in 25 countries. The program aims to serve riders of all levels by providing everything from guided tours, curated self-guided trips, and simple rentals to unleash the rider on exotic roads.

“The Royal Enfield Rentals and Tours program not only simplifies the logistics of motorcycle tourism, it also opens a world of new opportunities for those with the spirit of adventure in their hearts. With one of the world’s largest motorcycling communities, we believe this initiative will not just fortify but also expand Royal Enfield’s global motorcycling family, fostering a deeper sense of camaraderie among riders across borders,” said B. Govindrajan, Royal Enfield’s CEO.

The Rental program currently covers more than 60 destinations in 10 countries, such as Argentina, Colombia, India, Morocco, and Turkey.

Meanwhile, the destinations list for the Tours program is slightly more limited, but at the same time the country list expands to 25 with such options as Italy, Mongolia, Spain, the U.K., and Vietnam. The tours are provided in collaboration with local tour organizers

To book a tour, riders start by visiting the Royal Enfield Rentals or Tours websites. After selecting the destination and time frame, the associated motorcycle rental or tour partner will contact you to finalize the details.

Certain country-specific limitations in offered motorcycle rental and tour options may apply and change over time.