Ride1Up Revv1: A Small Ebike for Big Adventures

Ride1Up Revv1: A Small Ebike for Big Adventures | RoadRUNNER Magazine

There’s nothing like navigating open roads on a big motorcycle, but sometimes a smaller-scale riding adventure is what you need. Ride1Up’s new Revv1 can be just the right ride for those occasions.

The Revv1 is a new, moped-style electric bicycle. But this isn’t a hipster-y motorized bike to go the vintage bookstore—although it’ll definitely take you there, among many other places.

To begin with, the Revv1’s styling is very much moto-inspired. On a quick glance, you might mistake for a small dirt bike or moped instead of a bicycle.

Powering this ebike is a 750-watt electric motor that draws juice from a 52-volt, 20AH battery equipped with Samsung cells. The battery gives the bike a 30-60-mile range, depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, and other factors.

As a Class 2 ebike, you can propel the Revv1 forward with pedals and/or throttle at a maximum speed of 20 mph. A removable software limiter allows you to engage an Off-Road mode that unlocks speeds in excess of 28 mph.

Ride1Up Revv1: A Small Ebike for Big Adventures | RoadRUNNER Magazine

On the handlebar sits a 3.5-inch display with a speedo, and “RPM” indicator, and a battery gauge. With a seat height of 32.5 inches, the bike seats riders between 5 feet, 2 inches and 6 feet, 4 inches.

The fat, 20-by-4-inch tires can handle many different types of terrain so you can take the Revv1 off-roading. A double-crown front suspension soaks up bumps, and the bike is also available as a full-suspension version that has a rear shock.

On the full-suspension bike, the front fork is a 120mm air fork with preload and rebound adjustment. The hardtail version has a 100mm air fork with rebound adjustment.

Four-piston hydraulic disc brakes quickly stop the Revv1. Full-coverage fenders in the front and back keep you from getting splattered with mud and debris even in wet conditions.

And what would a motorcycle-inspired ebike be without optional accessories? You can customize the Revv1 with aftermarket footpegs, a storage cage, a rear handle and rack, and more.

Ride1Up Revv1 comes in Graphite Gray and Moss Green colorways. The ebike is now available for pre-order, with the full-suspension model retailing for $2,395 and the hardtail version for $1,895.