Preview: 2024 Special Collectors Issue

Preview: 2024 Special Collectors Issue

The 2024 RoadRUNNER Special Collector's Issue is now available to PRE-ORDER. This issue highlights eight completely new motorcycle tour stories, alongside trip planning information and stunning photos.

This collection of articles takes you from the (surprisingly snowy) desert canyons of Arizona to Jolly Old England. Follow our moto writers as they chase a solar eclipse, bounce over 1,000 miles of off-road trails, and circle South Carolina on a Honda Trail 125.

The 2024 Special Collector's issue on-road oriented. It features 5 on-road tours and 3 dual sport, of which the NorCal BDR is the only pure adventure ride. The others feature very small amounts of unpaved roads, all of which can be easily navigated around.

Check out the story previews below for a sneak peek at what you’ll find in this issue.

Arizona: Desert Ice

“Pointing our Moto Morinis back home toward California on I-8 highlighted the intense degree of change this part of the world has experienced over a very short time. Learning about the history behind the evolution of the western U.S. reveals almost unimaginable hardship and violence. It also reveals great triumphs and successes, which we are still beneficiaries of to the present day.

Traveling through the stunning vistas and welcoming communities of Arizona makes it a desirable state to return to. Even the least-known corners of the Copper State can feel like home—just ask Lightning McQueen.” —Jon Beck

Read more in the 2024 Special Collectors Issue.

Northern California BDR: The Land of Lookouts

“Backcountry Discovery Routes are designed for intermediate ADV riders, so in general, an average rider should be able to accomplish the journey at whatever pace they deem appropriate with some training and experience. Every so often, though, we find a road that exceeds this gauge and receives the ‘Expert’ label. The climb to the top of Sierra Buttes certainly fits this category.

With nerves rumbling, our crew wasn’t sure what to expect, but we knew it would be challenging and rewarding. The final ascent to the Sierra Buttes lookout tower is rugged, steep, and loose, with hairpin switchbacks, embedded rocks, and boulder ledges. Reaching the summit, the combination of the elevation, the exertion, and the views leaves me breathless again.” —Michael Bielecki

Read more in the 2024 Special Collectors Issue.

Canada: Beautiful British Columbia

“Today, our luck is in and we have the drive to ourselves. The smooth asphalt hugs the rocky coastline in sweeping bends and we glide through the twists and over the hills as one with our machines. The views open up over the blue sea glistening in the sunshine and tall, dark pines frame red tankers patiently waiting their turn in the bay.

The road ends at a roundabout with different choices. We drop down into the quaint little town of Horseshoe Bay for coffee. This is a popular stop for riders and you’re sure to find a few motorcycles parked up along the seafront. Coffee in hand, we bumble between the bikes and down to the park to watch a ferry coming into the bay.” —Maria Schumacher

Read more in the 2024 Special Collectors Issue.

England: Grin Oop Norf

“The best ride of the trip was on the last day as we rode through the Forest of Bowland AONB. The day started sunny and bright, practically balmy at 60 degrees, but it wasn’t long before the smell of rain was in the air. For the first half of the day, I found some tremendous roads: wide, smooth, and fast. That is, 60 mph, which felt like flying after all the slow-speed corners and narrow lanes. Then we got back onto the country lanes, which left me feeling like I was riding through someone’s yard between stone walls with sheep all around. While on Houghclough Ln, passing Hall Trees Farm, I saw an older gentleman wearing a newsboy cap, standing next to his Land Rover, working on his chainsaw. It was so quintessentially British that I looked around for a film crew.” —John Robinette

Read more in the 2024 Special Collectors Issue.

Photo Story: Blue Ridge Parkway

“Although this road covers mile after mile of forest, you would be wrong to think it’s all the same. Every twist and turn brings new highlights or new people stopped in the various pull-outs along the way. For instance, between Cherokee and Asheville, NC, you pass a large rock formation known as the Devil’s Courthouse. With an elevation of 5,720 feet, this imposing landmark is home to the world’s fastest animal. Look skyward and you might see a peregrine falcon diving for prey at speeds of up to 200 mph. At another overlook, we met Cecil Wilson, a keen landscape painter from Charleston, SC. He comes here every year, attempting to capture some of the magical views on canvas.” —Geoff Tompkinson

Read more in the 2024 Special Collectors Issue.

Nevada: Exploring the Pony Express Trail

“The route to Marjum Pass snaked between narrow canyon walls, curve after curve, sometimes seeming like the road would simply end. After the small summit, the road descended into what was the bottom of ancient Lake Bonneville. Enjoying the scenery as we descended, the road surface began to resemble a skating rink full of ball bearings. Our little motorcycles wandered from side to side and I tried moderating the throttle to keep the rubber side down. After nearly 30 miles, the surface finally changed to more friendly rock and we rejoined US 50 just outside Hinckley, UT, a little weary from the intense concentration that had been required. Seeing the Budget Inn in nearby Delta was a welcome sight.

After a night of camping, a warm shower and bed to sleep in seemed luxurious. As we walked back from dinner, a huge wind picked up, with dust flying and trees bending. Just another normal evening in the Great Basin!” —Joseph Marek

Read more in the 2024 Special Collectors Issue.

South Carolina: Honda Trail 125's

The fully loaded Honda Trail 125s were in their element on the SCAR.  Throttles pinned wide open over a thousand miles through ever-changing rolling terrain of clay, sand, and twisty paved country roads kept smiles on our faces and adventure in our veins. Coffee shops and popular local dining establishments were sprinkled along the way in just the right places while the lodging and campsites were icing on the cake." —Joshua Manning

Read more in the 2024 Special Collectors Issue.

Arkansas: Total Solar Eclipse

“We headed west, following the most indirect route we could piece together. The curves were endless and fast as we made our way towards the state's western border. I’d never ridden in Arkansas before, aside from quick trips through the state on major interstates to get to another part of the country. I’d heard riders talk about the great riding in the Ozarks, and it’s been on my list to ride for a long time. But until I put rubber down in this part of the country I had no idea how beautiful it was. The rolling hills, dramatic cliffs, and twisty roads were a bit of a shock to all of us. We were in our element.” —Marisa McInturff

Read more in the 2024 Special Collectors Issue.

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