New Harley-Davidson Low Riders for 2022

New Harley-Davidson Low Riders for 2022

Harley-Davidson, in yet another new announcement for 2022, is introducing improvements to sport-touring beasts. The Low Rider S has received a more powerful engine and other tweaks, while the Low Rider ST is a whole new model.

Both of these bikes now come with H-D’s Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-twin engine, with a 1917cc displacement and 125 lb-ft of torque at 3,500 rpm. This performance-oriented powerplant provides smooth and broad mid-range torque while dual counter-balancer ensure a smooth, low-vibration ride.

But there’s more to the Low Riders than their engine. Let’s take a look.

New 2022 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S
New 2022 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

Low Rider S

Starting with the upgraded Low Rider S, its engine went from the Milwaukee-Eight 114 in 2021 to the 117 version we mentioned above. The bike is also now equipped with a new handlebar-mounted combination tachometer and digital speedometer.

This new instrument replaces the tank console-mounted ones from earlier models. The updated location of the meters brings them closer to the rider’s line of sight, which should contribute to riding safety. On the tanks, a textured black tank console with an FXLRS badge takes the place of the old meters.

A new taller rear monoshock raises the rear of the 2022 Low Rider S, giving it 1.3 degrees more lean angle and better ride comfort. The monoshock is taller than the standard Softail chassis monoshock,  with a half inch more stroke, one inch more rear wheel travel, and ¾-inch more height at the seat.

Under the seat resides hydraulic preload adjustment, while in the front a 43mm inverted fork offers responsive riding and improved braking. Speaking of braking, the bike has dual front brakes with 300mm discs and standard ABS.

To keep the bike on the road, it’s clad with Michelin Scorcher 31 tires on Radiate cast aluminum wheels (19 inches in front, 16 in rear). Other features include a one-inch diameter moto bar on four-inch-tall risers, a deep solo seat, mid-mount foot controls, and LED lighting.

The Low Rider S comes with a Vivid Black or Gunship Gray paint job. It features completely blacked out details on the mechanics, while the wheels have a Matte Dark Bronze finish.

The 2022 Low Rider S is available at H-D dealerships for $18,349.

New 2022 Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST
New 2022 Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST

Low Rider ST

Now, to the star of the show—the new Low Rider ST. Featuring the same engine as the S model, this bike’s chassis has been optimized to reduce weight while maintaining rigidity and providing an upright riding position.

The ST has a high handlebar, jacked-up rear suspension, and FXRT-inspired fairing for that West Coast look. The frame-mounted fairing—with a modern and athletic design—has been carefully crafted with triple fixed splitstream vents to limit head buffeting on the highway.

High-riding saddlebags with 53.8 liters of storage come standard with the ST. Their raised positioning above the exhaust improves the performance of the bike, giving it a deep lean angle. These lockable, rigid bags can be opened with one hand from the rider’s seat and easily popped off the bike with a quick-release mechanism.

The ST features a similar one-inch moto handlebar mounted on four-inch pull-back risers as the S model. A digital display inset in the handlebar riser gives the bike gauge-less look.

New Harley-Davidson Low Riders for 2022
New Harley-Davidson Low Riders for 2022

Otherwise, the feature list resembles that of the S model. The Low Rider ST has the same new taller rear monoshock, 43mm fork, dual front brakes, LED lighting, and Michelin Scorcher 31 tires.

The blacked-out styling of the bike varies in glossiness, but is dark and menacing in every case. The colorways include Vivid Black and Gunship Gray, and the wheels have a Matter Dark Bronze Finish.

As an optional goodie, you can get the H-D Audio Powered by Rockford Fosgate audio system on the ST. It includes a 250-watt amplifier and two 5.25-inch subwoofers, and features Bluetooth connectivity.

The Low Rider ST is available at H-D dealerships from late March 2022. The MSRP is $21,749.