Nap Time for the Weary Traveler

Fouled Plugs: Nap Time for the Weary Traveler

I can’t count how many times I’ve found myself exhausted and sleeping in the car at a rest stop for an hour or two before continuing my travels. That’s usually considered safe and is generally encouraged. Cool, but what about riders? I’ve stopped countless times at a rest stop late at night for one reason or another. Excuse me for not wanting to get a $150 hotel room to sleep for a couple of hours.

Law enforcement usually tells me it’s “not safe” to sleep next to my bike or on a picnic table and to move on. Is it safer behind thin car windows? Many larger rest stops even have 24-hour guards in addition to troopers rolling through, so you can’t tell me it’s a security issue. Besides, don’t punish me for your inability to enforce the law. Heal the sickness, not the symptom—and don’t even start with the litigious BS. I guess I’ll just ride on and potentially push up the motorcycle crash statistics, officer.

What about all the grassy areas at rest stops that are only used as receptacles for canine-based fertilizer? If it’s good enough for dog turds, it’s good enough for me. Or how about the areas with trees? Why can’t I throw my hammock up and get a few hours of shuteye?