Motorcycles and 3D Printing: What to 3D Print For Your Bike

Motorcycles and 3D Printing: What to 3D Print For Your Bike

Modern 3D printing technology is opening new doors not just for motorcycle manufacturers, but also for riders. As I detailed in the Dec ‘22 issue, these once-futuristic machines have become so accessible and affordable that practically anybody can buy one. A 3D printer can turn your garage into a mini motorcycle part factory.

Perhaps you read my previous story and were even inspired to buy a 3D printer. Now, you’re proudly admiring the brand-new machine sitting on your workbench—and then you ask yourself, “What can I actually print with this thing?”

Well, what can’t you? A 3D printer can churn out anything from fun riding-related trinkets to full-fledged, perfectly functional motorcycle components. That said, you need to be aware of your machine’s and materials’ capabilities since not every option is suitable for every part. Explore the possibilities and you’ll soon be printing useful things for your motorcycle, garage, and living room.

For Your Motorcycle

Back in the day, making your own motorcycle parts was a pipe dream—you needed a lot of metal pipe and the tools to work it. Some did have workshops filled with drills, presses, and welding tools to do it, but for most riders, it wasn’t an option. Today, however, you can 3D print functional motorcycle components with relatively little effort.