BMW's 2024 M1000 XR

BMW's 2024 M1000 XR

The BMW M series is a household name in sports bikes. Now, as part of its 100th-anniversary celebrations, BMW is giving us a taste of what the future looks like with the M 1000 XR.

Although we don’t yet know much, BMW has spilled the beans on the basics. The M 1000 XR is based on all of the previous M models and will be a sport bike with supersports riding dynamics, according to BMW.

The engine is based on the S 1000 RR’s in-line four powerplant. However, BMW promises 200 hp more power and a lower wet weight at only 492 pounds.

The chassis, aerodynamics, and electronics package should suit track and both short- and long-distance street riding.  With an approximate top speed of 174 mph, BMW aims to create a crossover motorcycle in the sports/supersports segment.

One aspect setting the M 1000 XR apart from the other M bikes is the new winglets. The fairing-mounted winglets aim to increase riding stability at high speeds by directing the airflow to push the bike’s front down.

As a result, you should be able to expect better tire-road contact and less tendency to wheelie during acceleration. This means the traction control system doesn’t have to bother your ride as much and the bike is able to convert more power into forward thrust.

That 174-mph speed needs to stop somehow. For that purpose, the bike will boast M brakes (the same as the M 1000 RR and M 1000 R).

The brakes have been developed based on BMW’s racing brakes. Let’s just say, there should be enough stopping power.

And that’s all, folks—for now. BMW will publish more information on the M 1000 XR in the second half of the year.